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Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Will Lawyer to Make Your Last Will



Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Will Lawyer to Make Your Last Will

To specify your wishes for the distribution of your assets upon death, you must draft a last will. However, a new poll reveals that numerous adults lack a will. There are several good reasons for hiring a will lawyer, and why you must understand them if you have one.

If you don’t make a will, a court and the laws of your country will decide how your assets and possessions are distributed after your death. You will have no control over the distribution of your estate.

Furthermore, without a will, it might be challenging for your family members after your passing. Employing a will lawyer may make creating a final will and testament much less stressful and time-consuming.

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Why Do You Need A Will?

If you’re unsure if you need a will, we’ll go through certain benefits of having one.

1. Reduce Family Members’ Stress Levels, Money, And Time

Almost all possessions must go through probate court to begin the legal procedures of distributing possessions. However, intestate management, which occurs when there is no will, may be challenging to navigate.

If you die without leaving a will, the court will choose someone to handle your property for you. Additionally, this may be a costly and time-consuming endeavour and a source of tension in your family.

2. Choose An Executor To Handle Your Property

Creating a will entitles you to the donor status and allows you to choose an administrator. It will be this individual’s responsibility to finalise your assets. The role of executor is a significant one. Liquidating property and cancelling bank accounts can fall within their purview.

If you want somebody trustworthy and competent to handle these responsibilities, then select them. When you do not choose a lawyer to handle your will, the court will. This lawyer could or might not be someone you would like to work with.

3. Select Who Will Receive Your Assets And Possessions

Most individuals are aware that a will allows them to name the beneficiaries of their estate. Unless you’re the testator, you can choose individuals or organisations to receive certain assets.

Any assets not explicitly mentioned in your will are considered part of the residuary and may have dependents named for them. Your executor will distribute these items once they process your will.

4. Pick A Caretaker For Your Kids

To ensure that your kids are cared for after your death, you may employ your will to choose a caretaker. If one parent dies, the other will often get exclusive legal guardianship. A will is crucial for many reasons, but especially in the event of the death of both parents.

Your child’s caretaker will be charged with caring for them in all aspects of their daily lives, including but not limited to their physical and mental well-being, safety, and education. A court will appoint a guardian if one is not named in a will. This might result in your children being raised by someone you wouldn’t have picked.

5. Document Your Wishes About Your Digital Possessions

Social media and email addresses, as well as other digital assets, could be considered digital assets. You may choose a digital administrator to handle your digital assets in your will. You may provide instructions for the recipients and how they are to be treated in your will.

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Why Should You Hire A Will Lawyer?

While numerous individuals have begun drafting their wills with the help of internet services or even by attempting to write it out themselves, engaging a will lawyer to write your will may provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind and convenience.

Peace Of Mind

Most individuals must consult an attorney or law company before drafting their last will since this is such an important legal document. The smallest error may cause problems for heirs and beneficiaries in probate court.

Perth lawyers can help you draft documents that comply with local legislation while expressing your wishes about your property and finances. When you decide to draft your own will, it’s still wise to see an attorney to ensure it complies with all applicable laws in your state.

Designate A Parental Guardian

In the event of your untimely demise, as a parent, no other aspect of your estate planning is more crucial than that of your kids. If you hire a lawyer to draft your will, you may be sure that all aspects of your estate will be distributed as you choose and in line with state law.

The last will may be a lifeline in such a situation since it allows you to select a legal guardian to assume parental responsibilities in the case of your death.

Asset Distribution

Most individuals consider real estate or big assets first when making an estate plan, but they often need to pay more attention to essential details. This is another good reason to consult a lawyer or law company about your last wishes. Even if you identify as a minimalist, chances are good that you still have a lot of possessions.

Set Aside Money For Funeral Expenses

Funeral services are costly, which is common knowledge but seldom spoken about. Simply purchasing a coffin might cost several thousand dollars. Your loved ones, already distraught, will need to discuss funeral costs, ceremonial costs, and a host of other little and large financial matters.

Having a conversation with an attorney and working together will eliminate practically all of this tension since you could set aside monies to be utilised just for your burial and funeral costs. You may also choose the kind of funeral service you want.

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Consider Your Own Business

If you run a company, non-profit, or foundation and don’t consult with Perth lawyers to appropriately define how that company is handled after your death, it might be disastrous for the organisation.


Nobody can deny that unpredictability is life’s only sure thing. However, this does not imply that you are powerless. Since you found this page, you probably want to know how to make a will. The fact is that various items are required by law to draft a valid will in any given state.

An inheritance plan may be created without the assistance of a will lawyer, although doing so is not recommended. It is never too soon or too late to begin planning what will happen to your possessions and property after your death, whether you are in your early twenties or nearing retirement age.

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