Your Mini Guide To Professional Lawn Care Is Now At Your Fingertips!
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Your Mini Guide to Professional Lawn Care is Now at Your Fingertips!



Your Mini Guide to Professional Lawn Care is Now at Your Fingertips!

Getting and maintaining a beautiful, green lawn requires our time and work. Honestly, we neither have enough time nor energy and knowledge to learn professional lawn care.

Nevertheless, we leave no excuse to have a beautiful lawn. To obtain a beautiful property, we must start by preparing the land where we will show it. The tasks depend on the type of land and the climatic conditions (temperature, rainfall, hygrometry, etc.).

  • Land preparation depends on FIVE steps –
  • Eliminating weeds with manual or biological techniques
  • Use the right (organic) fertilizer, avoiding the use of chemical products
  • Plow to make the soil loose and soft
  • Pass the rake to flatten the land
  • Sow the seeds

The process may sound cool and easy, but it is not. If you do not know the proper technique, all your YouTube learning efforts will be meaningless. Can you give me enough time?

Only a professional lawn care services company can help you out. We will talk about it later in this article. Before that, we want you to know the essential aspects so that you get to see the effort behind having a lush green lawn.

Here we present the different stages to achieving a well-cared, healthy, and aesthetic lawn.

How do you maintain your lawn like a pro?

Once you prepare and flatten the soil, the ground is ready to receive the seeds of the grasses. To enjoy a beautiful lawn, it is necessary to maintain it throughout the year.


Scarification is a crucial stage for lawn maintenance. It allows removing the thick, opaque, and impenetrable layer of dead leaves that forms on the surface. If we do not remove it, it deprives the grasses of light, possible nutritional contributions, and rain. On the other hand, this layer (commonly called “felt”) can grow moss and fungi that cause diseases.

If it occurs, plant growth slows, and the lawn turns yellowish. Therefore, it is essential to scarify to remedy these problems and ensure that the grasses develop. You must perform scarification work twice a year – in spring, after the last frosts, and in autumn, before the first frosts.

There are three methods of scarification –

  • In manual mode, you do it with a simple or wheeled machine.
  • Electrically, you do it with a tool similar to a traditional lawnmower provided with blades, combs, or hooks.
  • In the thermal process, you use the device used is identical to the previous one, although it works with gasoline.


After the autumn scarification, it may be necessary to lime the land where we grow the grass. Liming corrects the pH of too acidic soils through an amendment or calcium fertilizer made from lime.

This operation favors the action of fertilizers and the development of microorganisms, helps grasses take root, and limits the appearance of spontaneous weeds.


To keep a lawn healthy and in top shape, we must add fertilizers regularly. The chosen fertilizer must meet a series of specific characteristics that will be different depending on the season –

  • In spring, choose a fertilizer rich in Nitrogen to help the lawn grow again.
  • In autumn, choose a fertilizer rich in phosphorus and potassium. It will allow them to face winter in better conditions.
  • Except in July and August, apply a slow-acting fertilizer once in a season. This releases essential nutrients to the lawn as needed.


Watering is essential to keep a nice green lawn dense and tip-top shape. There are three irrigation techniques –

  • Manual, with the help of a watering, can or an irrigation hose
  • By irrigation, through a network of water pipes, and buried before laying the grass
  • By sprinkling, through the installation of some cannons connected to the water network


Mowing is another step in maintaining the lawn. It must be more or less every two weeks from March to October. There are three types of lawnmowers –

  • Manual, it is a straightforward machine, equipped with a blade, and known as a manual lawn mower
  • Electric or battery-powered, it is a classic. The electric version requires a nearby power outlet
  • Thermal, it is a lawnmower equipped with a gasoline engine.

Beginners guide: How well do you know your lawn

Studies show that 79% of people in the United States who have lawns say that lawns are an essential feature when they rent or buy a home. Taking care of your lawn can seem overwhelming if you are a new homeowner. Still, you do not have to pay top dollar for professional lawn care.

Learning to take care of your lawn is essential to having a green, healthy and beautiful garden. The idea is to rely on a professional lawn care company.

Do you need help with lawn care and garden maintenance? Get in touch with GrassRoots Turf. Visit the website to learn more about lawn maintenance and other tips to improve exterior appearance.

Understand your soil

Understanding your soil is one of the first things you should do to improve your lawn care. When it comes to lawn maintenance, your lawn will mirror what is happening on the ground. Underlying problems with your property may be due to your soil.

You may have a problem with the pH of your soil. Your soil may also lack organic matter or have too much salt content. Identifying these issues will make it easier to get your lawn back on track.

Choose the suitable grass

You need to choose the suitable grass for your lawn when you start planting. Different grasses are for different regions, so it is essential to consider your climate and other conditions before choosing your grass.

Likewise, you also need to seed your lawn correctly the first time. If you are placing seeds in new areas or trying to thicken your current property, you must carefully time the seeding.

Fight lawn weeds

One of the biggest inhibitors to a healthy lawn is weeds. Even when you have a newly planted property, there are plenty of weed seeds. The weeds will absorb nutrients, water, and light and make it difficult for the grass to grow.

Weeds multiply very quickly. There will probably be dozens more in the coming weeks if you notice a few on your lawn.

Learn to cut correctly

You must also learn how to mow to develop a healthy lawn. There are many best practices when cutting your property, but the most important is to mow your lawn, so it is tall and fit.

People often mow the lawn on the same day of the week. However, your property can grow differently based on type, season, etc.

You should also never mow wet grass. It is best to cut the grass when it is dry in any season. It can even break up the grass and make it look patchy. Finally, it would help if you regularly sharpened your lawnmower blade. This can help prevent blade dullness and give you an even, professionally cut lawn.

Water your lawn the right way

Next, you need to learn how to water your lawn. If you water your lawn too frequently with lower amounts of water, you will encourage your lawn to develop shallow roots.

To get the best results from drowning your property, it is essential to moisturize it deeper and less often. A professional lawn care company can help you water your property the right way, help with sprinkler repair or installation, and more.

Aerate your lawn care

Aerating the lawn is something many homeowners do not do, leading to unhealthy properties. Your lawn needs oxygen to grow, not just water. When you aerate your yard, you reduce the clumping of your soil and make it easier for water to drain. By using an aerator, you will be removing plugs from your ground to make it easier for air and nutrients to get to the roots of your grass.

Give your lawn the proper nutrition

Finally, you need to give your lawn the proper nutrition to improve your lawn care. Nitrogen is one of the essential minerals. If you want your property to stay lush green, healthy, and vibrant, Nitrogen is the protagonist. It is best to avoid over-fertilizing your lawn. If you do this, you may do more damage to your property and soil.

Conclusion on lawn care

Various aspects you need to consider. Now that you know the right way to prepare and maintain your lawn, we advise you to put them into practice.

We also recommend calling for professional help regarding lawn care and maintenance. Your property also has pests. Ignoring this basic fact will have severe consequences.

A professional lawn care company not only takes care of the situation but also educates you with details so that you can keep your lawn vibrant and healthy. Search Google, list the lawn care companies, compare their services, prices, reputation, skills, feedback, and budget-friendly, and select the one that best suit your needs.

Let the experts look into the matter. They are the professionals and they know what to do. You can rely on their expertise completely.



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