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Google Search “Work from Hotel” Surges 1,600% in Thailand



Google Search Work from Hotel Surges 1,600% in Thailand

Google searches for “work from hotel” surged 1,600% in Thailand, while searches for cryptocurrencies rose 263%, according to Google’s “Year in Search 2021” report.

Using data from Google Trends in Thailand, the report compares the period’s Sept 1, 2020, to Aug 31, 2021, and Sept 1, 2019, to Aug 31, 2020. Consumer search behaviour is examined in the report, which businesses and brands can leverage to increase revenue.

According to Miss Saranee Boonritthongchai, head of marketing at Google Thailand, people have become used to constant uncertainty since the outbreak began.

People adopted digital more than ever last year, she stated, and consumer behaviour changed in many areas, from shopping to work to finance to fact-checking.

Increasingly, people use the internet as a source of information to help them make better decisions, Miss Saranee said.

In Thailand, there are millions of people who use Google to search for information. According to Saranee, businesses and brands can play an important role in supporting consumers as they proceed through their decision-making journey.

Thai use Google for everything

According to the report, 90% of Thai consumers said they would buy products from brands that provided helpful information when considering options. The number of searches for brands to buy increased by 30%.

“This report will help brands and businesses learn about the changing needs and habits of customers, as well as set guidelines for their business plans this year,” said Miss Saranee.

“Digital mainstreamed, live reexamined, bridging distances, truth seekers, and growing inequality” are some of the five key consumer highlights, she added.

Digital mainstreaming refers to the staying power of digital marketing, she said.

The report found that searches for “what to sell online” increased by 44%, while searches for “new user code” grew by 50%. Thai shoppers have increased interest in double-digit sale days, with search interest in shopping festivals 6.6, 7.7, and 8.8 surging 110%.

Online searches for solutions

Additionally, shoppers want free and reliable delivery, with Thailand seeing a growth of more than 60% in searches for “free delivery”. The search term “see a doctor online” also grew by more than 122%.

Lives reexamined is a trend where people reevaluate their values and lifestyle choices following the pandemic, she said. It turns out that people are choosing to work from hotels, with a 1,600% growth in search interest.

Thais are also looking into new investment types, with search interest in cryptocurrency increasing by 263%.

According to Miss Saranee, people are using technology to connect and express affection across distances.

Using the keywords “anniversary greetings” and “send gifts” grew by 210% and 69%, respectively. Search interest for “order for friends” increased by 100%, according to the report.

Those seeking truth are more thorough and careful. Topics related to “fake news” saw a 200% increase in searches, while “is it credible” saw a 72% increase.

According to a growing trend, more people are going online to search for solutions to solve their problems.


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