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What Do You Do With An ADU?




Many people are starting to become more aware of what ADUs are. It was not too long ago that almost no one knew what it was. However, as ADUs begin to become more popular, more questions start to arise about them like, what do you do with an ADU?

What Is An ADU

Before we dive into what ADUs are used for, we should probably mention what exactly an ADU is. An ADU is a small residential unit built on a pre-existing single-family home lot where a house is already built. They share a majority of the characteristics of a normal home, except on a much smaller scale.

What Are ADUs Used For?

So why would anyone want to complete ADU development? Well, there are actually quite a few reasons why.

A Safe Place For Aging Loved Ones

Many people build ADUs on their property so that they don’t have to put their ageing loved ones in an assisted care facility but also don’t have to move them directly into their house. An ADU allows people to have their ageing loved ones live close by where they can keep a close eye on them, but also not give up all of their privacy.

A Place To Keep Your Kids Close

Parents who have kids that have reached the age where they want to move out but are nervous too or don’t have all the funds to make it happen can move their kids into their ADU. This allows the kids to experience independence on a less severe level and allows parents the ease of mind that their kids can easily get to them if they need help.

Bring In Extra Income

Money is tight these days. As a result, many people jump at the chance to bring in a little extra income by renting out an ADU. By renting out their ADU, they not only put money in their pockets but also offer up an affordable housing option for families in need.

For Personal Space

Some people use ADUs simply as a place to themselves away from their families. A place to maybe have their home office or a man cave/ she shed of some sort.



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