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Travelling to Thailand and the Regulations on Delta 8



5 Reasons Why Delta 8 Products are Popular in Thailand

Are you a stoner planning to travel with Delta 8 to Thailand? Then, your first step is to get adequate information about Delta 8’s legal status in Thailand and whether the Thai government allows people to carry Delta 8 on flights. You may know that the legal status of weed or Delta 8 is not the same as in other countries globally.

In some places, weed and medical marijuana both are legal, while others may strictly regulate cannabis. Recently, Thailand became the first country to legalize weed, including Delta 8. However, the country applies strict regulations on cannabis. They will also have high protocols for traveling with cannabis on both domestic and international flights. Today, we will discuss everything about traveling with Delta 8 on a flight to Thailand, so keep reading!

Legal status of weed in Thailand

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Before you plan to travel with Delta 8 products such as Delta 8 vape Canada on a flight to Thailand, you must know the legal status of Delta 8 and weed in Thailand. If you travel with Delta 8 THC to Thailand without knowing the legal status of weed or marijuana.

It can lead to legal complications, and you might also end up in jail for carrying illegal drugs and breaking the local weed law. So, you must begin with the basics and learn about the legal status of weed in Thailand first. Below are some key points of cannabis legal status in Thailand-

  • In June 2018, Thailand withdrew weed from the list of illicit narcotics and became the first South Asian country to legalize weed.
  • With this law cannabis including the cannabis flowers and buds containing higher amounts of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol concentrates. Not only that, but with this law every part of the cannabis/hemp plant becomes legal to possess or sell within the country.
  • According to the local cannabis law, medical marijuana can be used and transported across borders. However, gummies and other edibles are only legal to use within the country that carries legally 0.02% THC.
  • Also, selling and possessing cannabis with high THC or weed within the country becomes legal with the country’s cannabis law. However, they do not allow international flyers to carry non-medical cannabis.
  • Also, remember that the legal amount of THC concentrated in weed in Thailand may not match your country’s legal requirements. For instance, in America, all hemp-derived delta 8, and other weed product that contains 0.03% THC concentrate is legal to sell, purchase, and possess. But for Thailand, the legal amount of THC is 0.02%. The cannabis law in Thailand also differentiates medical marijuana from legal marijuana.

Can you carry Delta 8 on International flights to Thailand?

If you are a stoner living in the US or any place where cannabis, especially Delta 8 is legal you might assume that carrying your weed with you while traveling to Thailand may be okay, as the country has legalized weed in 2018. However, the reality is different from what it may look. Even after legalizing cannabis, Thailand strictly regulates cannabis and its transport across borders.

While using or carrying cannabis with high THC concentrates is legal in the country, for international flights only medical marijuana is allowed. This means you can carry medical marijuana in the form of tincture, extracts, and oil with appropriate documents.

The country does not allow you to carry any kind of cannabis, even if it contains less than 0.02% THC, such as delta gummies, besides medical weed. So, it would be wise to leave your Delta 8 gummies or hashes at home. After all, cannabis is legal in Thailand, and you will find various dispensaries and weed shops in the country to get your favorite Delta 8 products.

Can you fly with Delta 8 on Domestic flights in Thailand?

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For international flayers entering Thailand with cannabis, particularly non-medical ones is illegal. This means you can get into trouble even if you carry a weed that has a THC concentration of less than 0.02% but does not fall under the medical marijuana category, such as delta 8. However, the rule of carrying cannabis on international flyers will vary from the domestic flayers.

According to the Thailand government, any cannabis, including THC-high concentrates is allowed to be carried within the states by flight. So, unlike international flyers any domestic flyer can carry cannabis on their domestic flights. As per the local government, any person above 20 years old can carry cannabis or weed with or without a higher amount of THC concentrate on domestic flights.

Can you carry Delta 8 bought from Thailand across the border?

Weed is legal in Thailand, and even if they do not allow international flyers to carry weed on international flights, the country allows them to buy cannabis once they have entered Thailand. So, if you are a Delta 8 user currently traveling in Thailand, you might be wondering whether you can take the Delta 8 or cannabis back with you that you purchased from Thailand. Well, the simplest answer to your question is no you cannot. The cannabis law does not allow international flyers to carry any kind of cannabis (except medical marijuana) or weed even if they have purchased it from Thailand. Also, if you try to carry cannabis brought from the country on international flights it will be considered as a violation of local cannabis law leading to legal consequences ranging from fine to punishment, or both.


According to the federal law delta 8 products that are derived from the hemp plant are legal to possess, sell, and transport across the country and even internationally. However, when it comes to Thailand the legality of cannabis varies. Even after the country legalized weed, it does not allow international flyers to carry any kind of cannabis except medical marijuana to the country. Above, we have discussed everything about the law and regulations of flying with cannabis, including Delta 8 to Thailand.

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