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Top 10 Qualities of an Effective Security Guard

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5 Best Qualities to Consider Before Hiring Security Guard

Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or are simply looking to hire security guards for an event, it is important to make sure that you make the right choice.

Despite the advent of foolproof security tools and devices today, you still need a good security guard to eliminate any threats and ensure a safe environment. But how to find good security guards?

When looking for security guards, there are a number of qualities you should look for before making the final choice. Read on to find out what these qualities are so you can make the right choice when ensuring the safety of your property and people.

Top 10 Qualities of an Effective Security Guard

Being a leading security company in Dubai, we have highlighted the top 10 qualities of an effective security guard:

Alertness and Vigilance

Being a security guard requires being alert and vigilant at all times. A security guard needs to be on their feet all the time so that they can identify any shady movements or threats quickly. They must be vigilant of their surroundings and people, and be able to identify any situation timely.

Effective Communication

In addition to being alert, a security guard also needs to be very effective in communication as they interact with outsiders, clients, and staff on a regular basis. Whether they are working with a team or independently, they must be able to interact with accurate articulation and comprehension.

Additionally, they should know how to communicate calmly and relay instructions to the management, customers, and employees during situations that demand swift actions.


An ideal security guard must also be highly experienced in handling a variety of situations and threats. If you are hiring a security guard for a high-risk situation, it’s better to look for someone who has military experience so that they are experienced in handling hostile situations.


A key part of being a security guard is having good judgment and being able to evaluate subtle clues in every situation. A good security guard can easily identify when something is off in a situation. However, they shouldn’t make wrong judgments about people and situations as it can end up being a nuisance for the people.

Physical Strength and Fitness

A security guard also needs to be highly physically fit as they will be working actively throughout the day. Their job also requires them to patrol large areas, chase suspects, and maybe even engage in dangerous situations.

Therefore, they must be physically reliable, healthy, and fit so that they can defend themselves, others, the assets, and the property they’re working on.

Quick Reflexes

In addition to being physically fit, it is also important that a security guard has quick reflexes. Their level of alertness can be gauged by how quickly they react to potentially harmful situations. They must be able to identify threats quickly and ready to jump to save themselves and others.


A security guard must also have gone through rigorous training to have a deep understanding of security operations. Security companies often have industry standard practices to train their security guards professionally. They are also educated to make sure they are able to do their jobs professionally.

Therefore, when hiring a security guard, make sure they have ample training to polish their skills. Always look for professional certifications and licenses to gauge the level of training they’ve received.


In addition to being extensively trained, a security guard must also have personal qualities like honesty and integrity to work professionally with their employer. Their honesty makes it easier for the employer to trust them to make the right security choices for their safety. Therefore, when hiring a security, always test their honesty so that it’s easier for you to trust them.

Team Player

Whether or not there’s an entire security team to work with, a security guard has to be a team player. They should know when to lead and when to follow as they will be faced with both scenarios regularly.

A good security guard knows when to abide by the code and when to enforce a course of action in order to ensure their client’s safety.


In addition to being a team player, a security guard also needs to be self-assertive in order to make people listen to them. They must have a stern attitude to get people to respond the way they want in certain situations. They should know how to control a situation without actually showing that they’re in control.


So that’s all, folks! Now that you know what qualities a good security guard must possess, we hope you make the right choice. If you are looking for a reliable security company in Dubai, reach out to us today for all your security needs.

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