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Arianyadak Supplier of Chinese Car Spare Parts in Iran



chinese Car Spare Parts

Although in recent years, Chinese cars have become very popular and one of the best-selling cars in the Iranian market, the shortage of Chinese car spare parts in Iran is one of the owners’ main concerns. This issue makes a lot of people change their minds about buying them.

Arianyadak, a supplier of spare parts for Chinese cars in Iran, has solved this problem. so that buyers no longer have to worry about getting them for their cars.

Therefore, if you are looking for original and high-quality Chinese car parts in Iran, follow along with us to learn more about the Arianyadak car spare parts store.

 Car Spare Parts

Shortage of Chinese car parts in Iran

Even though Chinese cars did not have a good reputation among Iranian in the past, nowadays, Chinese cars, especially those made by famous companies such as Lifan, Jac, and Chery, have become one of the top-selling cars in the Iranian car market.

The lower price of Cars made in China compared to other international cars, many features in comparison to the price, increased quality of products, Iranian government’s support for the import of Chinese cars, and presence of the brand representative of the cars inside the country, are some of the reasons for the popularity of these cars in Iran.

However, besides these advantages, purchasing Chinese automobiles also causes difficulties that make Iranians stop buying them. One of the main problems is the shortage of these car parts, which intensified after renewed sanctions on Iran in 2018.

As a result, international auto parts, including Chinese ones, are hard to find even in the dealerships of these cars in the country. As far as in case of a car breakdown or car accident, finding all parts of the car may take months of the owner’s time.

About Arianyadak

Arianyadak is a supplier, which imports wide-range of car parts including parts of cars made by famous Chinese companies like Jac, Lifan, Chery, etc. such as engine parts, gearboxes, brake pads, clutch disks, etc. without any intermediary to Iran.

The store’s importing activities are expanding according to the needs of customers in the local market and the imported auto parts are high-quality and guaranteed.

Chinese car parts enter Iran from different routes. Most of these parts are imported from China and some are supplied from European and East Asian countries. The difference in ways of importing can cause differences in the price and quality of the auto parts. That’s why you must pay attention to their quality and originality while buying car parts.

Arianyadak, with more than a decades of experience in providing spare parts for all kinds of international cars, has a direct relationship with the main manufacturer of car spare parts in China and imports all kinds of electrical parts, engine parts, and body parts at a competitive price to Iran; so offers it to Iranian costumers with the best quality and the cheapest price.

 Car Spare Parts

How to buy spare parts from Arianyadak?


There are 3 ways to buy spare parts from Arianyadak store:

1. If you prefer to shop in person, you can go to the sales office in the center of Tehran at this address:

No. 15, Almas Mall, Ghadim Navai Alley, Mellat St. Tehran.

2. also, you can choose your desired product through the Arianyadak car spare parts website ( and easily make your purchase online. After completing the purchase, the desired product will be delivered to your address in Tehran within 2 hours. Also purchased products will be delivered to buyers in other cities of Iran in the shortest possible time.

In addition, customers can contact the store through the below number and get advice from our sales experts before shopping.

Tell: +98 – 2188 500 518

Low-quality and fake spare parts cause depreciation and decrease the car’s efficiency. In addition, low-quality parts have a low lifespan and you will have to replace them quickly.

On the other hand, the bad quality of these parts hurts the quality of other parts of the car and causes multiple car breakdowns. Therefore, we suggest you buy high-quality and guaranteed spare parts from the Arianyadak store.


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