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Three Great New Skills to Learn Online



Learning skills online

The modern internet is a place for entertainment, information and communication, but it’s also a brilliant place for learning new skills. Whether it’s a paid tuition from a specialist website or trawling through free tutorial videos on YouTube, you can learn to do practically anything online.

In this article, we will showcase three great new skills you can learn from scratch online, whether it’s something creative or just a new way to challenge yourself and have fun at the same time.

Bitcoin mining

Cryptocurrency is big business, with a single Bitcoin now worth in excess of $9,000. If you were an early adopter, and you held onto your investment, then chances are you have accumulated a tidy profit.

Of course, now the value of Bitcoin is so high, it’s much more difficult to turn a profit without making a big investment. However, Bitcoin mining is one great way to participate in the scene and you don’t have to part with much cash.

What is mining?

In a nutshell, Bitcoin miners are financially rewarded for helping to complete transactions online. Mining uses computer processing power and there is lots of specialist equipment you can purchase. However, you can also mine using your own computer, with cloud mining, which utilizes remote server power, growing in popularity.

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Games like Poker have been around for much longer than Cryptocurrency. But it remains as popular as ever, with millions of players worldwide and high-stakes tournaments taking place almost every day – online and in person.

Poker is a complex game, with many ways to win and lose, but the rules aren’t too difficult to grasp. And you can use your knowledge to challenge friends, host poker nights, or compete against players from around the world.

Immersive experiences online

There are several platforms providing poker in many variants. For example, many of the games available at Space Casino allow you to interact with a live dealer, helping you enjoy a truly immersive experience. Also look for offers available to new players, which can provide a little boost as you get to grips with the game.

Website building

Once upon a time, website building was the domain of coders and tech experts. But today it’s extremely simple to build a professional website, either for yourself or others. Services like WordPress allow just about anyone to set up a website without any prior experience.

There’s also no shortage of tutorials available online, so you truly can teach yourself to build a website. Community-built plug-ins also make life easy, allowing you to set up your own online shop or news blog in a matter of hours.

Domains and hosting

Domain names are also cheap and easy to set up, with many providers offering .com addresses for a couple of dollars. And hosting need not set you back, with WordPress offering packages costing less than $50 for a full year.

It’s easy to kill time on the internet, enjoy our favorite shows, or wind down the hours on Candy Crush. But why not consider putting your time online to more constructive use and learning a new skill?