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Common Household Plumbing Problems to Look Out For



household plumbing problems

Did you know that an average American household loses close to 10,000 gallons of water per year to simple plumbing problems? Well, if you didn’t, now you know, and some of these issues could be in your home as you read this. The piping system is among the home’s most important channels.

Without them functioning properly, your home can easily turn into an uncomfortable and potentially unsightly harbor for indoor flooding, bad odor, mold, rust, rots. While most of these issues may happen in the worst-case scenario, even the slightest of plumbing issues can amount to huge inconveniences, health risks, and financial loss. As a responsible homeowner, therefore, it is always important to be on the lookout for plumbing mishaps and hiccups when it comes to your home.

To protect your property’s value, enhance comfort, and keep your family healthy, here are some common household plumbing problems you should look out for as a homeowner.

1. The Drains Are Clogged or Too Slow

household plumbing problemsOften found in sinks, bathtubs, and showers; drains play a crucial role in directing effluent water into the sewer line. Due to the gradual buildup of debris containing materials such as dirt, soap, food, hair, and other particles, clogs may develop in and down the drains. These clogs cause blockage, partially or completely preventing wastewater from flowing down the drain.

Well, some clogs are minor and may require just a plunger to clear the way. However, the blockage could be so deep down the drain that a professional service is needed. As the plumbing pros at the All Service Plumbers website put it, a professional drain service may range from a simple unclogging using a plumbing snake to hydro jetting or sewer repair.

This often depends on how serious the clog buildup is, which is established through camera inspection in the initial plumber visit. To avoid inconveniences, it’s best to watch how your drains behave and call a trusted plumber if it starts slowing down.

2. Blocked Toilet

The restroom is a crucial necessity in any home. But can it get any messier than a toilet stops flushing? It can be uncomfortable, unhealthy, and unhygienic. Most toilet clogs come about after debris buildup or physical blockage occurs somewhere down the refuse pipe.

Again, a plunger often works in unclogging a toilet, but not when the blockage is too severe. In this case, you will need to call an experienced emergency plumber. They will come equipped with specialized tools and expertise to clear the line and get your toilet back to life.

3. The Faucets Are Dripping

household plumbing problems
Most faucets feature some rubber washers, which contain water from passing through once the tap is turned off. However, these washers may wear down or fall out over time, eventually letting some bits of water through.

A leaky faucet can lead to massive spikes in water bills over time. The sound of the drips as they hit the sink can even prevent you from getting sound sleep when it’s calm and silent at night. The best way to avoid this annoyance is to have your dripping faucet fixed as soon as you notice it.

4. You No Longer Have Hot Water

While an occasional cold shower is recommended, no one wants to go through the torment every morning when it’s cold outside. If you suddenly don’t have hot water in your home, it’s a clear indication that something could be wrong with your heater.

Perhaps the thermostat is problematic or the pilot light has failed. Maybe there’s sediment buildup in your hot water tank. Considering how delicate and expensive the water heater can be, it’s best to let an experienced plumbing professional troubleshoot it and address the problem.

5. Water Pressure Is Too Low

Last but not least, a sudden drop in water pressure could warrant concern. It could indicate a problem with your plumbing, such as the buildup of minerals along the inlet pipes. In some cases, this could be accompanied by rust, where you’ll notice a change in the color and taste of water.

More often than not, mineralization along pipes will lead to a reduction in water pressure. The problem is also common in broken and corroded pipes, and older homes are more prone to this issue.

This list of common plumbing problems is obviously not exhaustive. Other issues you may want to look out for include garbage disposal jamming, pipe leaks, and frozen pipes in winter. With a professional plumber on speed-dial, it becomes easier to navigate even the toughest of plumbing issues, including emergencies.


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