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Things You Need To Know Before Replacing Vape Coils




Every vaper understands the importance of maintaining the coil to enjoy the best experience from the device. The coil is like the heart of the vape that absorbs the e-liquid from the tank and vaporizes it. It is the central organ of the vaporizer that needs to perform optimally at all times.

And for this, the coil requires regular maintenance, which includes frequent deep cleaning, removal of residue liquids that cause a burnt taste, and replacements whenever necessary for the best results. Remember, a block or burn can cost you your vaping experience at the least, and a complete replacement of the entire device at the most.

But coil replacements are easier mentioned than done. There is so much to know about this process that is critical to the health of the device and the overall vaping experience. So here we deliver to you some essential things that you need to know about a coil replacement that will help you sort the when, where and how of it.

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Why Replace?

Vape replacement coils come into the picture when the original part in your device can no longer be deemed usable. But why does the coil go stale? Well, the coil is the most critical part of any vape device. It is an essential heating element that causes the e-juice absorbed from the tank to turn into vapour. Every time you push the power button, you trigger the coil to heat up and vaporize the liquid. As you let go of the button, the coil cools down and goes back to its initial state.

As you know, coils are made of metals or alloys. The repeated process of heating and cooling causes a certain degree of physical change in the part. But this is, in fact, a long-term effect. In most cases, the repeated heating and cooling causes the coil to burn out. The wear and tear are much quicker in chain vaping, where the wick may not have enough time to soak the e-liquid before getting hot. It causes the part to burn, which leads to damage to the coil and wick, thus requiring a replacement.

When To Replace?

There is no golden rule for the right time to replace your coils. It depends upon several factors, including frequency and intensity of usage, quality of existing coil, e-juice thickness.

Typically, frequent vapers should consider a weekly replacement to ensure you get the best experience. But if you are experiencing any of the below problems while vaping, it might be time to consider an early replacement.

Weak Tasting E-juice

If your delicious fruity e-liquids start to taste bland and weak, it might be time to replace your coils. Remember, vaping with a healthy coil means that every drag you take should taste just as wonderful and intense. But when the coil is at its last breath, it loses the ability to exhibit the complete palette of the juice properly, which causes challenges for vapers.

Another common sign of a weak coil is experiencing mixed flavours. Suppose you have switched to a new flavour and suddenly begin experiencing a mixture of tastes. In that case, it is possible your coil is old and contributing to this terrible combination of flavours. If cleaning the coil doesn’t help negate the previous flavours, it is time to get a new one.

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Burnt Taste

A burnt taste in your vapour is an obvious sign that your coil needs attention. There are two reasons for this problem. First, you haven’t cleaned your coil properly, causing the e-juice gunk deposited on the surface to burn repeatedly and induce a terrible taste. Second, either your vaping method or mismatch of e-liquid density and the coil resistance caused the wick and coil system to burn out.

While a deep clean can help resolve the problem in the first case, depending upon the degree of damage, in the second scenario, if the burnt surface of the coil is visible during the examination, it is best to go for a replacement.

Poor Vapor Production

The vapor production capacity of the coil drops over time. If the clouds are becoming too thin to enjoy, it is time to bid farewell to your old coil.

How To Replace Mod Coils?

1. Disassemble your device and place it over a paper towel to avoid dropping e-juice around.

2. Unscrew the tank and empty the juice.

3. Presoak or prime the replacement coil in 10 – 12 drops of vape juice for at least a few minutes.

4. Remove the coil from the device and replace it with the new, primed coil. Use a paper towel to clean up any excess juice dropping out of the part.

5. Fill the tank with e-juice and screw it back into the device.

Your vaporizer with a brand-new coil is now ready for use.

To Make Or Not To Make

The most crucial point to remember while replacing coils is to match the requirements of the device. So be careful while buying coils to make sure it is compatible.

Also, pre-built coils are easy and convenient solutions for new vapers. But if you would like to experiment with making your coils, try away as you can now have more control over vapour production, quality of coil, etc.

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Replacing a vape coil is an expensive affair. Therefore, understanding when a replacement is required and how to purchase the correct part is crucial. Also, spending some time to keep the coil clean and well cared for can save your replacement costs, in the long run, to help you vape on a budget.

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