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Why American Curriculum is a Top Choice for Pedagogies



American curriculum

Parents of children who are growing up in a country where English is not the primary or secondary language often prefer to send their children to international schools. International schools are typically private schools with higher standards for education. While there are usually many great schools to choose from in a given city, choosing a school with the right curriculum is key to ensure your child gets the best education possible. Few international school curriculums can best an American curriculum.

American curriculum is highly sought after due to its reputation as being well-rounded and well-valued by universities and overseas schools. Plus, the advantage to learn English as the primary language at school, while not unique to the American curriculum, is still wholly beneficial and opens many doors for your child.

Let’s explore some of the main reasons why the American curriculum is the superior choice for education pedagogies.


Classes Taught in English in American Curriculum

For better or for worse, English is the global language and is the primary language used for international business around the world. Learning English from a young age and have the skills to master it at a near-native level provides tremendous benefits for a student.

English-speaking children from non-English speaking countries have a competitive advantage over their contemporaries because they speak the language of the world. They will be able to such high profile industries as international business, government, hospitality, and more.

Plus, foreigners tend to really respect English-speaking locals and believe that by virtue of speaking English at a high level, the rest of their education must also be high.

Proven American Curriculum

American curriculum is a comprehensive and well-rounded pedagogy that has proven successful for millions of American and international students. American curriculum tends to focus on the hard sciences and works on skills development for children at a young age.

Students studying at American schools are taught to be problem solvers by using innovative teaching methods. Like most things, Americans are at the forefront of teaching techniques and are quick to implement new technologies or ideas to achieve better results.

Get into Good Schools

Because of its size and wealth of great universities, America is usually a top destination where international students want to study. And, as a center of the pop culture universe, living in America is a dream that many international students and foreigners share.

Having a degree from a school running an international curriculum puts you at an advantage when applying to get into a top tier university or high school. This is because your grades and test scores will be directly compared to students studying in America, which is their typical pipeline.

Universities and high schools that accept international students can be certain that the student will be at the same learning level as their local contemporaries, thus ensuring better success for that student.

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