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The Sure Jell Method: Your Ultimate Drug Test Hack

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Sure Jell Method: Your Ultimate Drug Test Hack

Sudden requirement for drug test can be alarming and you would do anything to pass this one, especially when your work is at stake. One popular method nowadays is the Sure Jell Method. It is a detoxifying drink composed of fruit pectin designed to cleanse your body from drug toxins.

It works by clearing any sign of drug residues in your output and maintains its natural balance for a couple of hours so that the urine is clear upon drug testing. Since its effect wears off after five hours, then it is advised that you either have your urine sampled before the effects diminish, or prepare not just a single detox solution should the test be done after the five-hour window.

News from the Beckley Foundation Drug Policy Programme claims that the effectiveness of Sure Jell is 3.5 out of 5. There are advantages and disadvantages of using this method.

Pros of the drug test method

Sure Jell is a legal product. It is also easily purchasable and not detrimental to health. It aids in excreting toxins out from your body via the digestive system. Furthermore, it is affordable and uncomplicated to use.

Cons of the drug test method

A common adverse effect of Sure Jell is it can cause a loose bowel movement. It also is not effective per se unless mixed with a diluting drink, like Gatorade. You have to purchase supporting vitamins like b-vitamins to make them more effective.

In using this method, the person must abstain from consuming any drugs during the detoxification process, or else the method will fail.

The Sure Jell Method

First, you mix one sachet of the Sure Jell fruit fibre with 1 L of Gatorade, and upon observing that the mixture is thick, then it is ready for consumption. You need to consume the solution within 15 minutes of the last drop. The ingredient or component fruit pectin will attach to the drug toxins as the excretory system flushes them out from the system.

Through the Gatorade, the excretion will appear natural. Three hours prior to the drug test, the consumer must drink lots of water, a much as 1 Gallon. After this, consume another detox drink, then drink your vitamins, creatinine, and B2 tablets. Before taking the urine specimen, make sure you excrete many times.

This is necessary so you can achieve the required consistency of the urine. By doing this, lesser and lesser traces of drug toxins will be detected and the drug test will be passed.

The consumer must also have a high-fat, high-fibre diet so that the drug toxins and metabolites will be expelled through the bowel.

This method is effective compared to other home remedies in the market.

Other Available Methods

Other methods are available aside from the Sure Jell. One is using synthetic urine like Sub Solution or Quick Luck. Patronize these brands or other reputable brands for synthetic urine than those cheap or poor quality ones as they will more likely fail.

However, if you think using synthetic urine is too much cheating, your only option is a detox drink. The most effective one is Ultra Eliminex or Rescue Cleanse. You may order them once you visit the website where a link will be available for your access so that you can order these products.

Always remember that products work depending on the individual. These may effectively work for some but may be ineffective for some. The effectivity relies on your drug consumption, your accuracy in following the instructions in preparing and taking the product, or your overall health condition.

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