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3 Ways a Standing Desk Can Boost Your Health And Productivity

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3 Ways a Standing Desk Can Boost Your Health And Productivity

3 Ways a Standing Desk Can Boost Your Health And Productivity  – Office job can be psychologically taxing, and you may have been guilty of complaining about being run ragged after a long day at the office.

However, how much physical movement have you actually made?

It should come as no surprise that spending the entire day seated at a desk is bad for your health, yet office workers do it virtually daily.

The fact is that working all day while seated increases your risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.

It is critical to invest in your health and home office supplies as we all adjust to a new way of working, particularly as more people work from home.

What is a standing desk?

Standing Desk

A standing desk is what?

A standing desk is an office furniture option for those looking to improve their health and productivity as an alternative to a sat desk.

It is also referred to as a height adjustable desk or stand up desk.

You can stand while using your laptop or computer at a standing desk, which can be adjusted to your height properly.

1. Better health

A standing workstation’s health advantages considerably outweigh those of a seated desk.

Because standing up while working burns calories, standing up while working can really lessen your risk of heart disease in addition to reducing weight gain and the danger of obesity.

Sedentary time is associated with a higher risk of developing diabetes, according to studies compiled by PubMed Central.

Standing as you work can improve your posture and reduce aches and pains in addition to preventing a lot of health issues in the future. More on that is below!

What benefits might standing desks have?

A standing workstation has several benefits, including better posture, fewer health problems, more energy, and even more enjoyment.

Check out the next three ways a standing desk can enhance your productivity and wellness.

Working from home

2. Back pain relief and better posture

If you work from home, you might be missing out on the typical office distractions that encourage you to get up and move about.

When working from home, it is simple to become addicted to your seat and laptop with few breaks, but this is neither healthy nor sustainable.

Undoubtedly, not getting up frequently enough will cause some lower back pain.

So many WFHers (those who work from home) lack the proper office furniture to support good posture.

Although it may feel comfortable to sit on a bar stool at your kitchen counter, the position is not good for your neck or back.

Muscles, ligaments, discs, and tissue might be strained as a result of how you sit and how your spine curves.

Utilizing a standing desk alone can help you prevent these problems and reduce muscle tension.

3. An increase in energy

We need and want our workplaces to make us feel energized in order to be productive at work, especially as workplace health becomes more and more prominent.

Working while standing up can increase your energy levels, lessen weariness, and help you focus more during phone calls and meetings.

Even some sedentary behaviours have been associated with poor mental health, including elevated levels of anxiety and despair.

Your energy levels may increase if you choose to stand while working, particularly if you use the opportunity to get a little amount of movement in your feet.

Enjoy those endorphins by getting up and moving!

So if your productivity is suffering, your neck and lower back are starting to hurt, and you’re worried about the effects of sitting all day on your health, now might be the ideal moment to start considering buying a standing desk.

My Smart Desk features

CCM Smart Desk

Features of My Smart Desk

In addition to providing a solution for effective and healthful work, My Smart Desk also offers, as the name suggests, a tone of amazing technological capabilities that come with our cutting-edge standing workstations.

Here is a quick summary of these attributes for you:

• Desk settings that may be adjusted in height, with four Alternatives to choose from.

• A touch screen tabletop with a contemporary design that is simple to clean, allows you to write notes directly on the surface with a whiteboard marker, and has a touch screen.

Three USB charging ports are embedded into the desktop, and an integrated charger enables convenient desktop wireless charging.

It is available in two color finishes, white and black, and has a stylish hidden storage drawer.

Looking for a better and more effective way to work from home?

For more information, view our standing desks here or get in touch with a member of our staff.

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