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What Is The Best Way To Cool A Garage Without Air Conditioning?

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What Is The Best Way To Cool A Garage Without Air Conditioning?

How to Cool a Garage?

While staying out of the garage during the day is definitely an option, some people find happiness or make money in their garages or workshops.

Is tolerating unbearable heat the only way to stay productive all summer? Is there no chance for garage projects over the summer? These sensible, practical, and effective garage cooling tips will assist you.

Garages can be a haven of shelter for some people and a place of commerce for others. It can be difficult to stay relaxed and productive in a hot workshop, especially as the summer heat rises.

Ways to Keep Your Garage Cool Without Air Conditioning

The following tips on how to cool a garage should help keep things light and breezy; surprisingly, they don’t involve AC. Keep reading to learn more about how to cool a garage.

Park Hot Cars Outside

On hot days, cars heat up after lengthy or even short trips. Their engines, tires, body panels, brakes, and other components heat up, and when the vehicle comes to a stop, these components transfer heat into the surrounding air.

Putting a hot automobile in a garage on a hot day is a definite method to raise the temperature. It’s a better idea to leave it outside till it cools down.

In the summer, this may take hours, especially for darker automobiles that absorb the sun’s rays and turn themselves into solar ovens. Allow the car to cool in the driveway until dusk.

Open the Door

Except on rare occasions, summer mornings and evenings are normally cooler than midday. It’s a good idea to take advantage of the cooler temps by opening the garage doors and windows.

Get up early and press the garage door opener’s remote an hour or so before you plan to enter the garage. Warm air from the previous day, while air as much as 20 or 30 degrees lower than the midday high will be able to enter.

Close the Door

Just as it’s important to open the door during cooler hours, it also helps to close the garage door during the peak heat of the day. Keeping midday heat at bay will help cool the garage, and closing the windows and doors will help.

Many modern garage door installations are insulated, which means they’ll help prevent heat transfer even if the sun is beating on the door. Also, garage door insulation kits will provide an additional barrier.

In both cases, closing the large garage bay door will help keep that hot air out and retain the semi-cool air that might still exist inside.

Improve Ventilation

Increasing the quantity of air movement within the garage is one technique to keep it cool. Moving air frequently seems cooler than static, stagnant air. Moving air around the garage can help.

There are several methods for increasing ventilation. Box and floor fans work well and are quite inexpensive. Ceiling fans are more difficult to install and require high rafters, but they can be extremely useful.

It is also possible to place an attic fan at the apex of a garage gable end. These fans include thermostats that customers may program to activate the fan whenever the temperature begins to climb.

These fans can move a lot of air and assist in keeping things cool.

Declutter the Space

If the airflow is essential for keeping a cool garage in the summer, heaps of rubbish will simply get in the way and trap it. Shelves in the garage filled with boxes, sports equipment, auto components, outdated tools, and garment racks restrict the quantity of air that can move through the garage. To put it another way, once it gets hot, it stays hot for a long time.

Plant a Shady Tree

On a sunny day, we’ve all felt the relief that comes from hiding under a shady tree. Under its thick cover, it can seem 10 degrees cooler. A garage can benefit from this relief as well, with some smart planting and the correct trees.

Paper birch, tulip poplar, and dawn redwood trees grow swiftly and can provide a lot of shade. Planting should be concentrated on the garage’s south side.

They’ll provide the barrier needed to keep the tremendous heat of the sun out of the garage and make things much cooler.

Add Insulation

A big part of energy efficiency is using proper insulation to trap conditioned air inside. However, it’s also effective in un-air-conditioned spaces like garages, sheds, or workshops.

These spaces often have wide-open studs and rafter bays ripe for insulation, and it can make a huge difference in how quickly the garage heats up.

At a minimum, insulating the garage’s roof is a good idea. This will slow the heat transfer from the sun’s rays on the roof’s surface into the space below.

Insulating the walls will also help, especially for those who’d like to open their garage doors early in the morning and trap that cool air in as long as possible.

Run a Dehumidifier

Even if the temperatures aren’t particularly high, heavy humidity can make a garage feel unbearably hot.

Sometimes all it takes to make a space cooler and more pleasant is to remove moisture from the air, and a dehumidifier is just the gadget for the job.

Dehumidifiers are essentially low-wattage air conditioners. Fans circulate wet air across cooling coils. When air comes into contact with one of these devices’ coils, it condenses and gathers in a pan or drain.

Setting up a dehumidifier in the garage to absorb moisture will assist to make the environment seem less sticky and much cooler.

Those garage cooling tips should help reduce those hot, sticky temps. Even if you follow all of these suggestions, remember to stay hydrated and monitor your body temperature, especially if you’re working hard in a hot workplace.


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