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Major Mistakes in the Work of a Translator

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Education and efforts are not enough to work as a translator, you need to properly allocate your time and be able to work with clients. After all, there are cases when not only an employee but also all translation agencies like LST, in general, suffers due to self-confidence or complex nature. Special master classes and conferences are held annually to help you master the necessary skills for working in this industry, so now we will present the main ones.

Skills for working as a translator

1. Ability to properly distribute your working time. This rule can be divided

into 2 subcategories: overestimation of their capabilities, or vice versa, an underestimation. Let’s start with the latter. This mainly applies to green translators giving legal translation services. They do their work slowly, hesitantly, according to a template, fearing some new rules or deviations from the standards that were imposed on them during their studies. They cannot be blamed for poor quality results or negligence, the work in such cases was completed on time, but there are certain problems. Many clients pay for speed and will not always make concessions or wait for the translator to gain experience.

The second is to reassess your strengths. Naturally, the more orders you have, the higher your salary will be, but in the pursuit of money, you can make a lot of mistakes. The translation, done in a hurry, will definitely not be liked by the customer, so the translation centre will think about your further stay on the staff of the company. Or there are situations when taking a huge amount of work, you do not have time to complete everything on time. I have to sit all night long and finish translations. After such adventures, you will definitely be able to adequately assess your capabilities.

2. Inappropriate behaviour with the customer. When asking for help, the client always

wants to see an employee who understands his business. Therefore, you need to prepare for any questions and maybe something to advise. It is best to prepare for the meeting in advance, look through some articles, read about new products offered by other agencies. You must always be at your best and keep abreast of the latest developments, this is the only way to stay competitive.

3. Lack of a clear goal. To advance his career, a translator must always have a strategy that will allow him to develop and not standstill. For some reason, this rule is neglected by many, although it is fundamental.

In fact, these are just basic tips and guidelines that can help you succeed.

The need for experience with a translator

University graduates often face the problem of a lack of work experience in their industry. Some employers meet young professionals halfway and offer internships in their companies, often free of charge. This helps them to delve into the very activities of the company and acquire some skills necessary for further work with clients. But what about those employees for whom seniority is simply necessary? We are talking about translators. No self-respecting translation agency will invite an uneducated and unskilled worker to join its staff. Perhaps they want to support the younger generation in their endeavours, it’s just that reputation in this business plays an important role. And inexperienced translators can only ruin everything.

How to get work experience while still studying at the university. In such cases, there are special internships that are organized by teachers or other research staff of the university. In truth, this is a great chance to show your best side. Students will have the opportunity to improve their skills in a specialized language and observe the work of experienced translators. In order to better master a foreign language and begin to understand at least a little the culture and folk traditions of this country, young and promising specialists are sent abroad so that they have the opportunity to learn from the experience and share it at home with other like-minded people.

Agree that this is a very good option for starting a career, but there are always nuances that can spoil the whole situation. These are mainly questions related to travel financing. The university assumes responsibility for the fact that students will be hired in a foreign company and provided with living conditions. All other expenses are borne by the guys themselves. Not everyone can afford this luxury, given the level of the current economy. Therefore, many refuse such an opportunity.

Translation agency reputation

No matter how much we would like to admit it, translation agencies that give service  Translation of documents care too much about their reputation, so they do not dare to hire unverified personnel. Of course, it is very important that a specialist has all the abilities necessary for this profession, but let’s not forget that everyone at one time started with something. Therefore, at least sometimes it is necessary to give the opportunity for young talents to build their careers from scratch.


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