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Should you buy TikTok Followers?

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TikTok followers

A Gen Z platform could provide some serious business benefits to Gen X and Millennials. But buyer beware, there are some problems with purchasing TikTok followers.

Most business owners have a bit of experience under their belts. Entrepreneurs, on average, have actually been found to be about 45 years old. Which means that most of us trying to get a business started remember life without cell phones, still consider Vine to be the best video sharing app, and have no idea who The Weeknd is. More than that, the most powerful consumer age group falls on Millennials. So it’s understandable that most businesses don’t really look towards TikTok, the fastest growing social media platform, as the best way to promote their brands.

Sure, the app is geared towards, and largely supported by, generation Z. But that doesn’t mean that a burgeoning business should count it out. Especially if they’re looking to gain brand awareness and a fair bit of free marketing. However, because the platform isn’t necessarily geared towards their target markets, business owners often resort to buying TikTok followers in order to get a foothold in the arena.

Buying TikTok followers isn’t enough to boost your TikTok profile

While buying followers on TikTok may seem like a simple and straightforward way to get ahead, it’s not that easy. Buying followers does have its benefits, as it can quickly boost the appearance of engagement and brand authority. Tapping into the concept of “social proof” and applying it to social media marketing Social proof is more than just your standard herd mentality paradigm, but applies specifically to situations where people may not be able to determine exactly how they should be behaving in a certain situation. Because TikTok is still nascent, only being released three years ago, many users are still trying to figure out exactly what it is that’s “cool”, or which channels are best to engage with.

So, to figure this out, they rely heavily on the suggestions the app gives them and look to see which channels have a ton of followers. Suggesting that these are the go-to hotspots on the platform, giving them the confidence of making an “informed choice”. I.e. Lots of people follow this channel, so I should too, as it’s offering something worthwhile.

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You can Buy TikTok Followers in Canada, but make sure you do these things too

But, just having a bunch of fake followers or organic followers isn’t enough, you’ll actually have to back those numbers up with useful and engaging content if you want to buy TikTok followers in Canada, UK, Australia or anywhere else in the world, as well as make a concerted effort to disseminate your information and engage with existing active followers and new followers. Luckily, the platform makes this relatively easy to do.

Create a Branded Challenge on your TikTok profile

Much like Facebook challenges of the past, TikTok challenges have quickly taken over the internet. No ice water or spoons full of cinnamon here, though; the platform offers a much more wholesome take on the challenges that our generation is familiar with. Things like dancing and lip-syncing are currently topping the channels on TikTok, enhancing them with a hashtag imbued with your brand is a great way to get your name dispersed amongst the crowd.

Choose where you buy TikTok followers from the UK, Australia, or elsewhere

The most important thing to think about before you buy TikTok followers in Australia or in Canada isn’t actually how many you should buy, but which site you should buy real TikTok followers from. Purchasing followers from a trusted source is paramount to getting yourself stocked with authentic and engaged followers. If you would like to find a list of the best places to buy followers from in the United States, click here. For example, if you live in the UK, you should find out which are the best sites to buy TikTok followers in the UK at this link:

It’s also important to your channel’s security and authority. Never deal with a retailer that requires sensitive account information and make sure that whomever your supplier is, they’re known for quality followers. As opposed to fake accounts and bots. This will keep your reputation intact and your popularity flowing.

Post creative content and short videos on other social media platforms

While your target market may not be on TikTok itself, it can get shared. It’s not unusual to see TikTok videos in Instagram reels or Facebook feeds. They’re also easily shared through most messaging apps. Making TikTok an incredible platform when it comes to content creation and dissemination. Because while Gen Z may not be buying, they are definitely sharing.

Pay Attention to Your Target Audience for your TikTok account

Remember, that even though you’re buying TikTok followers, you’ll still need to engage with organic ones. This means that your content will need to appeal to TikTok’s base user demographics as well. An easy way to do this is to provide life-hack style tutorials or add a few clips of the office’s furry mascot. Posts with animals and how-tos perform well according to the apps’ analytics.


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