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Lisbon has Become the Foreign Property Hotspot – Here’s Why

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Lisbon has Become the Foreign Property Hotspot – Here’s Why

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, and is best known for its astonishing sea views, its iconic pastel-coloured buildings, and its surrounding expanse of jaw-dropping beaches. Even more its has also become a foreign property hotspot.

But while Lisbon has always been a veritable goldmine in terms of architecture, it’s become something of a haven for those who want to enjoy the European lifestyle and make a few savings on the property market.

According to property experts Property Lisbon, a part of its appeal lies in the ease with which one can attain a visa to live there.

‘Portuguese citizenship is itself a gateway to EU citizenship and all of the benefits that prized status confers,’ claims the Property Lisbon site, ‘not the least of which is being able to sponsor your beloved family members to join you in your new base and by extension, having the freedom to live and work right across all 27 member states of the borderless EU.’

Portuguese citizenship can be attained at a price, with the country supplying high rollers with golden visas that allow them entry to the country by purchasing a property with a minimum value of €280k.

Purchasing one of these properties, then, marks the start of a five-year route to permanent residency in Portugal and, by extension, your pass into the EU.

Lisbon Tourism

But Lisbon isn’t only a city of fiscal opportunities. The capital is also the beating heart of tourism in Portugal, offering a plethora of places to visit and activities to enjoy whether you’re staying there for five days or five years.

The Castelo de Sao Jorge is a perfect example of some of the awe-inspiring buildings on display in Lisbon. Estimated to have been built in the eighth century, the castle stands on a hill which offers panoramic views of the city, allowing you to bask in the sun while you get a lay of the land.

It’s one of many historic settlements still standing in Lisbon today. The Belem Tower is another architectural beauty, as is the Jeronimos Monastery, both of which offer a classical style of architecture that make parts of the capital feel like stepping into the past.

But the city is more than a series of beautiful buildings. The Centro Cultural de Belem and the Lisbon Zoo offer a dose of modern culture, while the rest of the city is teeming with parks in which you can bask in the sunlight.

Food in Lisbon

As a coastal city drenched in sunshine, the Lisbon diet consists mainly of fresh fish and vegetables. However, as a cosmopolitan capital city, it’s also rich in vegan restaurants and continental cafes, catering for all diets.

One of the best restaurants in Lisbon is Tavares, a sumptuously decorated location which first opened its doors in 1784. As you tuck into your precisely cooked European cuisine, you’ll enjoy a whirlwind of chandeliers and mirrors, all of which is topped off by exceptional service.

These are only a few of the riches that are drawing foreign investors to this sunshine capital – and will be luring in plenty more over the next decade.

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