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How to Safely Dispose of Fireworks



How to Safely Dispose of Fireworks

Planning to host your own firework spectacular in the coming weeks and months? You’ll want to ensure you have the basics in place after you buy fireworks online, ensuring your event or a small gathering of friends and family goes ahead without a hitch.

High on the list of priorities is that of safety, especially as you may have young children present. To help, here is our quick guide on how to safely dispose of fireworks once the fun is over, as well as any damaged or unused ones.

Give them a Soak

Water is the enemy of fireworks and sparklers; they simply won’t be able to work if they are saturated. If you have a bucket of water ready before you start your event, you’ve got somewhere to put your used items. Sparklers once finished should be put straight into the water.

Any leftover fireworks you do not use, and you want to dispose of them instead of keeping them, put them into the water for at least 15-20 minutes. This is important, the longer the better, as it will ensure the water has soaked through.

If you suspect you have fireworks that have not worked or are faulty, do the same and soak in the water. The bucket you use should ideally be metal and not plastic, just in case it melts, although the water should prevent that. Any used fireworks that have landed nearby or have not completely exploded should be picked up using gloves, as long as they are still not alight, and placed in the water too.

Safely Bag Them

Once your fireworks have been left to soak, you can remove them from the water and ideally place them into a separate plastic bag. This should be able to be sealed too as this will help keep the moisture locked in and so the fireworks don’t dry out.

Putting this inside another bag can also help. Once you have placed them into a separate bag and sealed them, you can put them into your household garbage. Ideally, if you have an outdoor bin, place it in there instead rather than keep it in the house.

Dispose of Them Correctly

Following these steps will mean you can safely dispose of your flammable waste including gunpowder. You should never leave used or faulty fireworks lying around, even if they seem unlikely to light again. If you find used or littered fireworks in your garden or a public space, ideally dispose of them in the same way by saturating in water and bagging them up.

You should never return to a lit firework, so as long as it is unused or burned out, you can follow the steps to dispose of correctly.

In some areas, you may find places you can return unused fireworks. This way, you can ensure they are safely disposed of especially if you are concerned with correctly disposing of yourself.

You can check your local council or community postings to see if this is an available service in your local area. Safety should never be taken lightly when it comes to fireworks and sparklers, so follow the firework code and the tips above to safely dispose of them.


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