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Top 4 Things to Consider When Building a Deck for Your Home



4 Things to Consider When Building a Deck for Your Home

Adding a deck can make a significant change to your lifestyle and boost the aesthetics of your home. Installing a deck can make your home more welcoming for family events and get-togethers while giving you a sense of privacy even as you enjoy the outdoors.

According to IBuyer, a deck is among the most cost-effective ways of boosting the value of your home. However, adding a deck needs you to make several decisions so it reflects your lifestyle and lasts long. Some important considerations to keep in mind while building a deck:

 Building a Deck for Your Home

Deck Size

The first and unarguably the most critical consideration when building a deck is deciding on its size! You must ensure the size is compatible with your house because a deck that is too small or too large will look awkward and disproportionate.

You must go with a size that permits the deck to have a visual balance with your house. Another important consideration impacting the deck size is the cost of construction. A large deck may cost a lot more because it needs more support, as well as materials and labor to construct.

A large deck can be significantly more expensive to maintain and repair. You should go with rooftop decks Chicago you can afford to build and maintain.

 Building a Deck for Your Home

Deck Access

Easy access to your deck will help you to enjoy it more. Typically, decks connect to the main house via a large glass door, and you may need to install a screen to prevent bugs from entering your home. You must make the structural design uncomplicated and hazard-free for elevated decks needing stairs to access it.

Installing handrails and anti-skid surfaces and keeping the access way unobstructed can help prevent unwanted accidents. Installing cameras, lights, and alarms can help prevent intruders from gaining entry to your home.

 Building a Deck for Your Home

Deck Materials

The right choice of deck material plays an important role in the cost, aesthetics, durability, and maintenance of the deck over its lifetime. You can choose between a variety of materials, including redwood, cedar, tropical hardwoods, thermal-insulated woods, concrete, bluestone, composite materials, and even aluminum.

Each has a different cost of construction and maintenance, and you will need to find the right balance of affordability, aesthetics, comfort, and durability.


Safety is a critical consideration in the design, construction, and use of the deck. You need to pay more attention to it if there are kids and pets around. Decks above the grade level need railings with the building code specifying the minimum height as 36 inches and not more than 4 inches of space between the vertical or horizontal components. Adequate lighting will make it look attractive and also help to avert accidents.


When building a deck, the prime considerations are the size, deck access, construction materials, and safety. You will also need to consider vital aspects like coverage and protection from the sun and rain to maximize your enjoyment. You can use a variety of fixed or portable awnings, umbrellas, sunshades, and canopies to keep you and your deck furniture safe from the elements. Strategic use of lattices, foliage, trellises, etc., can help you achieve better privacy.

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