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7 Things you will Need When You Study Abroad in Thailand



7 Things you will Need When You Study Abroad in Thailand

Thailand is a popular destination that attracts tourists and students alike. The urban spaces, affordable lifestyle, rich culture, and diversity make it one of the most likeable places around the world.

So, if you are a student just out of high school looking for university options, then Thailand is a great choice! Here you will find some of the best institutes and colleges for sciences, business management, nursing, engineering and more.

Thailand is also the hub for languages, with linguistics experts to teach you English and other languages. And while the country may feel like home, there are a few things in mind that all foreign students must keep in mind before they arrive here to study. In this blog, I will be listing 7 such things that you must know.

Getting your visa in order

First things first, you need to sort out your visa and other documentation. I know this is kind of an obvious point, but I’ll stress upon it, nonetheless. Read up on the visa regulations when you visit Thailand. And ensure that you have your ID proof and university paperwork in order.

Thailand has pretty flexible immigration rules. Some countries might not even need a visa to enter the country’s borders. You should check beforehand or contact a visa officer for these details. You can find all about it at their website.

Also, it is always better to have a friend or family member already living in the country. Talk to the university, get your application in order, and then apply for a visa.

Also, specify your course and university beforehand to the authorities. You can apply for professional courses like MBA, or take up subjects like Sociology as well. Students who have jam-packed schedules or are working jobs usually take up easier courses to get through college. And the fact that sociology assignments are relatively easier and have practical value makes it a smart choice.

Find a reasonable accommodation.

Another thing that students often worry about is finding the right accommodation. International students find this process especially harrowing as they don’t have an idea of a local insight of the country.

A quick Google search about Thailand would appease all your fears. Thailand has some affordable and convenient lodging options for students and travellers alike. Most universities have dorm rooms and hostels where you can stay during your first semesters.

Students prefer to move out in their second or third year at college. You can get cheap apartments and flats as well. Compare the prices, read through the rental agreements carefully before you pay upfront though. It would be better if you have a local friend to guide you through the neighbourhood.

If rented apartments and university dorm rooms are not your things, then I have a third option for you as well. Students can try homestay accommodations! Here, you get to stay with a local family, share the expenses and resources with them. It is inexpensive, safe, and quite homely when compared to the other alternatives.

International students often opt for homestay options during their initial years. It allows you to experience the local culture and cuisine first-hand. Regular home-cooked meals, a warm and loving family and affordable resources are added perks you enjoy.

7 Things you will Need When You Study Abroad in Thailand

Learn the language

International students who end up studying or living in Thailand often have to learn the local languages spoken here. English is not a common language in the local population. You might have to pick up the local terms to interact with shopkeepers and other people around.

Don’t worry, though, most of your university lectures will be conducted in English. Although, the recent visa crackdown might impact the English education of the country. With the pandemic, Thailand has even stricter immigration laws. Ensure that you read up on the updated regulations before applying for a college here.

Know the food

One of the things that Thailand is most famous for is the food. The wealthy Asian cuisine full of flavour and fragrance is a treat for the senses. And the best part is- most of the culinary experience is cheap and available on the streets!

Thailand has some of the most diversified street stalls and cuisines in the world. Talk to the locals to know all about the street side joints and underrated spots around. Also, if you are from an international country, pack some digestive meds and antibiotics as well because the food here is spicy!

7 Things you will Need When You Study Abroad in Thailand

Adapt to “Thai time”

The one thing that people in Thailand are very particular about is punctuality. Ensure that you always are on or before the time for your lectures and all appointments. In fact, “Thai Time” is a popular term coined to denote just how important punctuality is to the locals here.

This would also go a long way to help you meet the assignment deadlines in the university on time. Time management and organisation are two core skills that you need to work on if you think of taking up a course here.

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, most of the classes have shifted online. E-learning is a relatively new concept in most educational spaces in Thailand and other Asian countries. Read through the university guidelines about assignment submissions beforehand to avoid any hassles later.

Talk to your professors.

Always keep in touch with your peers and professors about the activities happening on the campus. For, most universities in Thailand have other extracurricular programs and fests as well that might be a good learning experience.

Make local friends, attend your classes regularly and maintain a good score. College life is supposed to be a fun experience. It is your chance to expand your social circle, interact with different types of people and build a reliable network.

For international students, the cultural shift can be a bit overwhelming. Plus, it is hard to keep up with your assignments and lectures. Other than your peers and professors, you can also get professional help for your thesis from academic experts who are into thesis writing service.

Thoughtful male student working on laptop in kitchen at home

Work part-time

Students in Thailand often also take up multiple odd jobs to manage their finances. For although Thailand is an affordable country, you still have a limited budget to spend on food, rent and other expenses.

There are many part-time jobs and freelancing opportunities for foreign students in Thailand. Design a good resume, list down your skills, and look for part-time opportunities online. Although don’t try to overwork yourself. It might be challenging to manage your academics and a part-time job at the same time.

Finding an excellent part-time job is not all that difficult. You can become a freelance writer, get a job in a café, or try your hand at some website development if you have technical skills. You can even apply for internships and other such short-term programs. These programs often come with a certification which is an excellent addition to your resume.

You can even start your own thing online. Become a blogger or a social media content creator- there’s a lot of opportunities that you can explore. And don’t worry, it is not tough to write blogs. If you have experience writing stories, you’ll be fine- content writing is similar to writing a script!

The bottom line

University years are some of the most memorable phases in a person’s life. In Thailand, you can make these years a lot more fun.

Thailand is a student-friendly country. You will indeed feel welcome here, thanks to the diverse population. Plus, it is a great way to explore new cultures, cuisines, and experiences! So, look up all the famous universities here, you might just find your dream college. Good luck!

Author Bio: As a technology enthusiast, Bella contributes to open-source projects. She is the co-founder at Top My Grades and delivers online sessions at Expert Assignment Help helping students with writing essays and assignments. Beyond work, you can find her gardening in her backyard accompanied by her dogs – Birch & Bailey.

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