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How Do You Make Warehouse and Logistics Lighting Work?



How Do You Make Warehouse and Logistics Lighting Work?, LED Warehouse Lighting

Warehouses and logistics centres usually have little or no daylight. By using LED high bay lights for warehouse and logistics, you can, not only reduce energy costs in operation but also indirectly increase the performance of the employees involved in the warehouse. Well-thought-out warehouse and logistics lighting contribute significantly to higher productivity and significantly reduce the error rate in the company. With the right choice, for example, productive areas can be specifically illuminated with a bright colour that supports the respective activity.

So, how to be successful in warehouse and logistics lightning, we invite you to continue reading to learn more.

What colour temperature to choose for the lighting of the warehouse?

To properly light a warehouse, you should choose lighting in neutral or cool tones or something the same around 4000º- 6500ºK. Lighting in warm tones should be avoided at all costs, as this colour temperature invites relaxation and tranquillity.

LED High Bay Lights with neutral and cool tones invite movement and activity, that is, they activate us. To choose between neutral and cool light fixtures we must take into account the following aspects:

The neutral light around 4000ºK-4500ºK is the daylight, so the closest to natural light. It is therefore perfect for any room because it does not distort or affect the perception of colours. We could say that the neutral light is the perfect lighting for warehouses of paints, products, food, etc.

The cold light around 6000º-6500ºK is known as whiter light, capable of providing optimal and very clear lighting without causing visual fatigue. It is particularly suitable lighting for those workshop-type warehouses.

What lighting fixtures should be installed in an industrial warehouse?

The most suitable lighting fixtures to illuminate an industrial warehouse depend on the space and the distribution of the light points. Nevertheless, there are a series of luminaires designed to be installed in this type of space, as they are very resistant to external factors.

Among the most suitable luminaires for lighting industrial warehouses, we can highlight:

· Waterproof displays with LED tubes, as they offer excellent lighting and are very impervious to dust and moisture (something quite common in this type of space). Now, when choosing the tube, we must take into account that they must be resistant to frequent switching on and off, as well as long hours of lighting. Therefore, we recommend LED high bay lamps from Lepro which is one of the best companies in the world that offers high-quality lamps suitable for all compartments of the warehouse and logistics.

outdoor LED floodlight

Fume hoods and floodlights are other lighting fixtures specially designed for warehouse lighting since they have features that ensure good LED lighting capable of avoiding risks and accidents. In the case of LED high bay, they can be found from 100W like UFO LED 100w Industrial High Bay to 200W like Philips 200w UFO LED Industrial High Bay.

On the other hand, the floodlights are available from 10W as 10w black outdoor LED floodlight to 200W as 200w premium IP65 LED floodlight. For industrial warehouses lighting, the installation of LED High Bay Lights is recommended, in addition to spotlighting with small power floodlights.

Suitable lamps for the lighting of the escape routes of a warehouse

Finally, industrial warehouses are quite finite spaces in which the installation of emergency lighting cannot fail. A DUAL emergency lighting 400 lm Surface is always installed in the areas that indicate a completely safe escape route. However, depending on the height of the ceilings, you can opt for the installation of emergency lights of 150 lumens, 250 lumens or 400 lumens.


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