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How Do You Design and Make Your Own Indoor Zen Garden?



How Do You Design and Make Your Own Indoor Zen Garden?


You don’t need to be an expert or to spend a lot of money to design your home. Surprisingly, not a lot of people think that they are capable of doing these things on their own! Especially when is comes to how to design and make an indoor zen garden in your home

We know it’s confusing to do it all by yourself, so let us walk you through the 6 steps on how you could build your own zen garden indoors.

Step 1: Find your style

A zen garden is the dry landscape garden that is called “karesansui” in Japanese. It’s composed of trees, bushes, gravel or sand, moss, rocks, bridges, lanterns, lotus, and its popular indoor water feature.

These elements are what you need to build your zen garden. You must include it all or at least most of it as the Japanese people believe that the rocks represent the Eastern philosophy of strength and the presence of the forces of nature. Not only that, there is a rule that the stones should be laid based on their size and shape, and are often in pairs, etc.

Yet, the main takeaway of the garden is the water.

Step 2: Choose your indoor fountain

There is a saying that water is the source of life, and the Japanese have lived by this belief until now. For them, the water symbolizes nature, where renewal and continuity are present at all times.

Aside from the relaxing atmosphere brought by an indoor fountain, it also serves as a humidifier. As the water splash with each other, it evaporates and turns into moisture in the air for humidity to expand on the available space.

Did you know that dust is attracted to negative ions? These negative ions are called anions. They are usually the invisible, odorless, and tasteless molecules that we inhale in certain environments. With a water fountain, these are greatly reduced due to their purifying properties, causing cleaner air inside your home.

Step 3: Fill your container with sand

It is preferred that fine, white sand should be used as this is the most attractive and represents the ocean.

Step 4: Place the rocks

The rocks, whether they are decorative glass rocks or river rocks, should be put on top of your sand. You have to remember that its placement should be simple, so you could have more room for the decorations on the sand.

Step 5: Have your miniature rake

The miniature rake could be made from a few bamboo skewers or bought online and from a local store. This would be used for designing your sand. You could rake the sand into the image or lines you would like to see in your zen garden or you could just place it beside the other materials.

Step 6: Include your plants

Plants symbolize the element of life. Though it is based on your judgment on what kind of plants would you use for this project. Some of the traditional plants you could choose from are pine trees, Japanese maple, camellias, bamboo, ornamental grasses, hinoki cypress, and the cherry tree.


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