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The Role Packaging Play in Brand Identity in Thailand




In Thailand, there’s more to packaging than just protection and visual appeal. It builds a brand’s identity and image. Especially today when most of the shopping is happening online, it’s often the packaging that grabs and hooks the customer’s attention.

Quality packaging gives you an opportunity to earn trust, get repeat customers, and build a positive brand image.

Realist Principles & Practicality of Packaging in Thailand

Although creative packaging is crucial; it’s important not to forget the basic principles of packaging and design needs.

The main purpose of packaging is to protect the goods and keep them undamaged during transit. A crushed/damaged package could kill the customer’s confidence in the brand.

Therefore, never sacrifice function over design.

Here’s how you can ensure that –

  • Use tissues for cushioning in the same colour scheme as the logo. Also, print it with your brand logo and name.
  • Use strong presentation boxes with logos on them.
  • Use a garment bag for things like spirits packaging and gift items. They add a touch of luxury while also keeping the goods in pristine condition.
  • Use branded cardboard packages to protect the product during transit but also to establish/promote your brand identity.

Main Functions of Product Packaging in Thailand

  • Protection: Strong, reliable, and sturdy packaging keeps the products safe during storage and transit. It also discourages tampering with the product.
  • Attraction: Mark isles are loaded with tons of similar products. With such fierce competition, attractive packaging with intricate design and cool colours is often what grabs customers’ attention.
  • Information: Things in Thailand like ingredients, expiration date, usage instructions, and any statutory warning are all part of the packaging and the label.
  • Differentiation: The logo, the shape of the package, the design; all these factors go into differentiating your product from thousands of other similar ones.

How to Create Attractive Product Packaging?

To create an appealing product package, it pays to ask yourself these questions:

  • What kind of product are you selling in Thailand and Globally?

When you know the exact function and nature of the product, you can establish how sturdy, fragile, small, or big the packaging can be.

  • Who will buy the product in Thailand?

Is the product geared towards babies or pre-teens in Thailand or globally? Then you might need playful and bright colours for labelling and packaging. If it’s geared towards women, you might need something more sophisticated and subtle. Keeping your customers in mind will help narrow things down in terms of presentation.

  • What is your brand aesthetic?

Do you want to come across a peppy brand or a more conservative one? Do you want your brand to speak of finesse or luxury in Thailand or globally? Is it geared towards the masses? When you know the kind of aesthetic to go for, the ideas will come naturally.

Ease of Use

Intuitive, and flexible packaging will ensure ease of accessibility and opening the package. Customer-friendly packaging is an experience and the product of retrieving the product can be rewarding. Make sure if there are any instructions, they are easy to find and read.


Accurate labelling is crucial not only in Thailand but globally to maintain trust and credibility but also prevents possible lawsuits. Error-free and accurate packaging ensures the quality representation of your brand identity.

Things to Consider When Building your Brand’s Identity:

Visual Aesthetic

When it comes to aesthetics, think about what type of font or colour scheme would best represent your product. It often depends on the nature of the product. Think about what kind of logo would represent you realistically.

Put a lot of thought into this phase. Make sure to pick something that will remain with you consistently; something that doesn’t need changing regularly. The best brands in the world have had consistent branding through the years. It helps to spark interest and credibility.


Think of your packaging as an opportunity to induce that ‘wow’ factor; to grab customer attention. It’s the way to beat the competition in a highly competitive marketplace. Impressive packaging shows that it’s a serious business that went the extra mile to leave a good impression.

Little things like adding a thank you card, protective cloth, or tying a ribbon are a few ways to achieve that.


Labels like branded tapes and stickers tell what the product is all about especially in Thailand. Tis’ also a way for customers to contact the sales team. You can also use labels to add information like email addresses and social media profiles.

If it’s an edible product, labelling tells all the ingredients as well as instructions to consume the product. Neat labels that are easy to read fosters quick reading.

Materials Used

Make sure that the material is sturdy enough to offer enough protection but at the same time eco-friendly. More and more people are growing environment-conscious in Thailand and globally. So, try to use recyclable material, bamboo, and wood for sustainable manufacturing. Many people prefer to buy from companies that follow environment-friendly.

Bottom Line

In present times, no brand in Thailand or globally can take packaging lightly. To beat the competition and gain repeat customers, make sure to put a ton of thought and consideration into creating labels and packages.

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