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Personality Test: Which Casino Game Best Suits You?



Personality Test: Which Casino Game Best Suits You?

If you want to find out what type of gambler you are, or if you want to see how serious you are about playing casino games, then this is the ultimate quiz for you. Here is a personality test for which casino game suits you.


Choose the most suited option out of the answers below. At the end, count up the numbers you have and then see which category you fit into.

Why do you Go to the Casino?

  1. I go to have fun
  2. I go to play the games
  3. I visit on impulse
  4. The casino is exciting and stimulating
  5. I love the carefree attitude towards money
  6. It’s a regular habit for me

What’s your Bankroll Like?

  1. I go with a little bit of money and bet in small amounts
  2. I take what I can afford and bet big when I think I can come out with a win
  3. I bet on defined stakes and only bet when I can make a profit
  4. I just do whatever
  5. I bet big
  6. I can’t control my bets

Which Statement Most Applies to You?

  1. I rarely get upset at the money that I lose
  2. Sometimes I lose more than expected, but in the past I’ve won more too
  3. I have a track record for making profit when gambling
  4. I only play when I feel as though I am due a win
  5. I haven’t played enough to know
  6. I just don’t care how much I lose

What is your Betting Strategy?

  1. What on earth is a betting strategy?
  2. I have a system with good results
  3. I can’t explain it in one sentence alone
  4. I go with my instincts
  5. Always double up
  6. Bankroll should be your priority

How do you Feel when you Lose some Money?

  1. If I’ve had a good time, it doesn’t matter
  2. Annoyed- I should have won
  3. As long as I bet wisely, I’m indifferent
  4. Just wasn’t my lucky day
  5. Excited but let down
  6. I don’t care about the money

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How do you Feel when you Win Money?

  1. Winning is a bonus and some pocket money
  2. Good, I deserve this
  3. Indifferent
  4. My luck has finally paid off
  5. I love it when a big bet pays off
  6. I don’t think about it anymore

When you have a good idea of the answers you have chosen, you then need to compare them against the following:

The Entertainment Gambler

If the answers that you chose mostly corresponded to number one, then you may be known as being a social gambler. Nothing will stand in your way of having a good time. At the end of the day, you aren’t serious about losing money and you don’t really care about betting big. You probably prefer games that are fast and fun but that also require some input. You might prefer card games, or you may like a quick hit, but at the end of the day, the house edge is the price of entertainment. If you are having a good time, that’s the way it should be at all times.

The Serious Gambler

If you are a serious gambler then you will play often and you may even find that you end up playing for hours on end. The only thing that concerns you is your win rate and sometimes you may well be seriously affected by the outcome of your game. When you happen to lose a game, you may find that it cuts you deep. You might not put yourself into debt through gambling, but at the same time, you don’t enjoy it as much as you once did.

Pro Gambler

You are a professional. You have made a good amount of money from gambling and it is your main source of income. You know your stuff on both the inside and out, and it would appear that math is no issue for you. Skilled games tend to be your preference, such as poker. You are not usually inclined to drink at the casino and don’t like to be distracted by any of the niceties. You like to control how much you bet and the situations in which you gamble. Profit is your primary aim, always.

Lucky Gambler

The lucky gambler will base a lot of their decisions on the notation of luck. You may have a lucky number and you will always place your bet in line with these numbers. You may feel as though you are destined to win if you come out with a profit, and that you allow signs to lead your decisions.

The Newbie

The newbie is someone who is not experienced. You might not have a favourite game and you might play a little bit of everything. You may even feel nervous or somewhat intimidated by the concept of table games and you are probably quite conservative. You don’t want to lose a lot of money but at the same time, a big win would be fantastic for you. The environment is exciting, and you like the casual feel.

Fast and Furious

You probably have a bit of a thing when it comes to raising the stakes. You probably wouldn’t be seen making small bets and you may see yourself as a pro, but underneath it all, you don’t have a lot of experience with gambling. You don’t understand the human psychology behind it and you don’t know much about mathematics either. You like the posher establishments and you like to really stand out from the crowd with big bets, but really you’re just a risk-taker who doesn’t have a lot to lose. After all, there’s nothing like chasing the win and you know it.


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