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Commercial Kitchen Wall Shelving Units: The Best Designs for Restaurant

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Commercial kitchen wall shelving units that are hanged to the vertical space have rocketed to fantastic popularity due to the functionality, ergonomics, and space boosting that such structures can deliver to every owner of food-service businesses.

The simplest solution can significantly enhance kitchen workers’ performance. Thus, using this interior element is a real trend in the market of commercial equipment. Stainless steel kitchen shelves mean more possibilities and fewer problems.

Here are a couple of valuable tips when going into the selection process:

  • Choose the steel wall shelves with your needs in mind since there are different metal models with upgrades and modifications;
  • Size is the pivotal criteria for picking to be sure that wall unit will fit into the available space on the wall, and it would be possible to install the structure on the appropriate level for better convenience, so it will not disturb the staff while they prepare meals;
  • The system of shelving must be firmly and securely attached without risks of falling;
  • Decide if you need a solid option for keeping heavy objects or a wire wall shelf for excellent ventilation, storing perishable products, and avoiding dust accumulation.

When shopping for commercial kitchen wall shelving products, obviously, you may consider not only steel equipment. There is a wooden wall shelf that adds an aesthetic element to the room. However, wood is a very demanding material type that requires constant maintenance since it is vulnerable to excessive moisture, water, temperature fluctuation, humidity, and wrong cleaning solutions. So, probably, this option will not survive heavy commercial use and will deteriorate. But such unpleasant outcomes are not the case for stainless steel wall shelves. The material will withstand impacts, resist corrosion and mildew spreading. Metal restaurant equipment, including vertical shelves, was built to last and satisfy buyers with superior quality and outstanding operational properties.

Top three picks of stainless steel shelf

Sturdy microwave wall shelf with two durable support brackets for better fixing. Hanging household appliances, such as microwave ovens, on the wall means freeing up the countertop of the kitchen unit. And for a tight room, it is an imperative condition to gain a smoother and hassle-free workflow.

Usually, wall shelves are mounted at eye level, so it will be comfortable to use the appliances placed there. The location of the shelf above the tabletop delivers the possibility to protect stored items against splashing water, sticky dirt, etc.

Versatile standard solid wall mount shelf. Need to quickly grab some utensils for preparing a dish? Then, standard wall shelves will ensure fast and easy access. Fill units with those items and tools that your staff will use daily to have them within reach, and neat organization of surroundings will be a straightforward task for you.

Shelves with metal hooks for hanging items. Hooks make shelves a multi-functional piece of equipment. You can hang cooking tools to always have them at hand.

Looking for commercial kitchen wall shelving systems, go and check the AmGoodSupply catalog. You will definitely find your perfect shelving match to expand and optimize the kitchen area and arrange the working zone in a proper manner.


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