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Functional Skills Math’s Level 2 and IGCSE (International GCSE)



functional skills

Our math classes will teach you the fundamentals you need to succeed. If you are looking for a career or a spot at college, you can learn functional skills online from this company. Distance learning is available for all of our courses.

Students who take the math classes will better understand the subject and have more self-assurance in their abilities. For those searching for greater flexibility, exam-based courses are ideal, as they allow you to complete the system much more quickly than in a traditional institution.

Worth of Mathematics:

No one should be without a basic understanding of mathematics, which they will utilize for the rest of their life. A confident knowledge to debate and solve hardships is crucial for almost every job. Many people in the United Kingdom lack even the most basic knowledge of mathematics. Attending college to earn these credentials might be challenging for anyone.

Math’s for the IGCSE:

It is equal to a GCSE in Math if you receive an IGCSE in the subject. An IGCSE is a globally recognized credential that does not require students to complete a single piece of coursework.

There usually are two or three times a year when you can take an IGCSE exam. In contrast to Edexcel, CAIE offers exams in June and November. IGCSE English and IGCSE Maths each have two tests. The new 9-1 system will assign grades, and you may read more about it on the internet. Universities, institutions, and employers all recognize IGCSEs.

IGCSE online math courses are designed to promote the development of mathematical knowledge as an essential life skill. It will also help you prepare for more advanced studies in the future. With GCSE Maths, you’ll learn how to recognize patterns and relationships in numbers, as well as how to solve problems and communicate your findings. Algebra will be part of the material you study for the GCSE Maths exam.

Students whose primary language is English should take this International GCSE in the English Language. Students will learn to communicate effectively both orally and in written form during this course. Vocabulary, proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation are part of the GCSE English curriculum.

Level 2 Functional Skills of Mathematical:

The Functional Skills Level 2 credentials are acknowledged by academics, scholarly faculties, and companies. Level 2 of Functional Skills is approximately equivalent to stage 4 of GCSE.

As far as functional skills level 2, there isn’t any classwork, and the exams are organized as shown:

  • English language proficiency at level 2 Exams consisting of reading, writing, speaking, and listening are all part of the program.
  • Math’s Level 2 functional skills one paper will have a calculator section and a non-calculator section, or two papers will be given out, one for each component.
  • The subsequent granting organizations are open for functional skills level 2:
  • Guilds of Art and Design
  • NCFE
  • OCR
  • Edexcel

Functional skills level 2 exams have more flexible scheduling than IGCSEs. Therefore they may usually be scheduled promptly. Practical skills results will also be available far sooner than the IGCSE results.

Math Level 2 Certificate:

Level 2 English and Maths courses are also available. It is important to remember that this certificate is not a degree but rather a certificate from Abstract Education. The syllabus of this course is equivalent to that of a GCSE in English and mathematics. Specific organizations may consider a Math’s Level 2 Certificate as proof of proficiency in mathematics (colleges and universities, for instance).

Still, it’s best to check with them before enrolling in this course. Because the Level 2 Certificate in English and Math is entirely online, there is no final exam. You will be required to complete several assignments before your tutor signs you off on the course. All of the above courses should be double-checked with your employer or school first to make sure they fulfill their requirements.

Even if you don’t plan on going back to school, having a solid understanding of fundamental mathematics can give them the assurance you deserve in everyday circumstances. Take an adult numeracy test or help your children with their homework. The issues covered in the Math’s Level 2 course contain:

  • Comprehending the preliminary of math.
  • Utilize fractions and decimals in your task.
  • Overcoming your fear of fractions and algebra.

You should require roughly 100 days of your leisure to finish this virtual Math’s Level 2 education and access towards the Student Portal to pass.


Successive students will gain a Functional Skills Level 2 Qualification in Mathematics upon completing this program. The awarding body and the qualification registration will be determined by the examination center that we select for you. Please read the entire article to learn more about the organizations that bestow these honors.

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