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From Hunting to Fundraising: 100% Donations with Rick Kennerknecht’s Charity Safaris



Rick Kennerknecht's Charity Safaris

Rick Kennerknecht’s Charity Safaris has a societal perspective on giving which is shaped by a long-held worldview. And that has encouraged individuals to accumulate wealth and give back.

Charity safaris offer a novel way to experience the natural world while helping local communities and conservation efforts thrive. This harmonious blend of wildlife conservation and philanthropy not only addresses pressing concerns but also fosters a profound understanding of intricate ecosystems.

Rick Kennerknecht’s Philanthropy with Vision

In September 2019, Rick Kennerknecht pioneered the foundation for Charity Safaris, driven by a deep vision to revolutionize the fundraising landscape and instigate transformative change. His model encourages philanthropic endeavors on both local and international scales, creating a ripple effect of positive impact.

Mr. Kennerknecht, the General Manager of Charity Safaris, has played a pivotal role in enabling non-profits to raise 100% fundraising since its inception. His dedication and strategic insight have been instrumental in the Charity Safaris’ success.

Rick Kennerknecht's Charity Safaris

The Charitable Connection

Rick Kennerknecht and Charity Safaris introduced a distinctive philanthropic model by donating hunting trips to charitable organizations. These organizations, in turn, auction or raffle these unique experiences to generate funds. What sets this model apart is that charities retain an impressive 100% of the profits generated through these auctions or raffles.

At its core, Charity Safaris serves as an online charity fundraising platform that provides a unique medium for companies eager to contribute to charitable causes. The platform facilitates the process of giving back to the community, making it a compelling choice for charities and non-profit organizations in search of innovative fundraising solutions.

Nurturing Two Decades of Expertise

With almost two decades of experience in the hunting industry, Charity Safaris and Rick Kennerknecht have cultivated profound relationships with outfitters across South Africa, New Zealand, and Argentina. These relationships have afforded Charity Safaris exclusive access to luxurious lodges, exquisite cuisine, seasoned guides, and complimentary transportation from the nearest airport—all provided at no cost to 501(c)(3) organizations and charities.

A Focus on Wildlife Conservation

Central to these unique adventures is a deep commitment to wildlife conservation. Participants return not only with captivating stories and lasting memories but also with a sense of purpose.

Charity Safaris places a strong emphasis on sustainability and local community engagement, setting a new standard for responsible hunting practices. This results in reduced carbon footprints and more respectful interactions with nature.

The Outfitters’ Perspective

To sustain their operations, outfitters implement a “trophy fee” structure, charging hunters for each animal harvested on their property. These fees, combined with gratuities, allow outfitters to generate income and profits while still supporting charitable initiatives. Additionally, they aim to foster lasting relationships with hunters, who may return for future trips at regular prices, underscoring the importance of delivering exceptional hunting experiences.

Charity Safaris

Balancing Conservation and Generosity

One might wonder how such a philanthropic model sustains itself when outfitters provide their services and hospitality for free. The answer lies in the equilibrium forged between Charity Safaris and the outfitters.

Charity Safaris, in turn, derives a small commission from the trophy fees paid by hunters for their trips. This commission-based model ensures the long-term sustainability of high-value hunting trip donations. In essence, it creates a win-win scenario, benefiting the charity, the outfitter, and Charity Safaris itself.

Charity Safaris ingeniously bridges the allure of wildlife exploration with the joy of giving back. This symbiotic relationship yields enduring benefits for all parties involved.

Sustaining Through Trophy Fees

Outfitters charge trophy fees for each animal harvested during hunting expeditions. These fees cover the cost of the animals and operational expenses, allowing outfitters to contribute to charitable causes while maintaining their financial sustainability.

Expressing Gratitude Through Gratuity

The relationship between hunters and outfitters thrives on mutual respect and appreciation. Hunters express their gratitude through gratuities, serving not only as monetary gestures but also as support for the sustenance of outfitters and their staff. This ensures that hunters return home with a lasting legacy of meaningful impact and enduring memories.

The Promise of Repeat Business

Beyond monetary benefits, outfitters also benefit from the opportunity to forge positive relationships with potential future clients. They go above and beyond to ensure hunters have a memorable stay, with the expectation that these hunters will return for future trips at standard rates.

In essence, this symbiotic relationship is a win-win-win for everyone involved: Travelers enjoy an unforgettable safari adventure that leaves an indelible mark on the world, outfitters are able to sustain their businesses, and charities can fulfill their mission of making a real difference. It is a testament to human ingenuity and a model that can revolutionize the way philanthropy addresses societal needs and fosters sustainable change.

Rick Kennerknecht's Charity Safaris

How Charity Safaris Offers 100% Donations to Charities

Charity Safaris has established a remarkable model that enables charitable organizations to receive 100% of the funds raised through their fundraising efforts. Here’s a look at how Charity Safaris accomplishes this unique feat:

1. Donated Hunting Trips

Charity Safaris’ fundraising strategy centers on donated hunting trips generously provided by outfitters in South Africa, New Zealand, and Argentina. These trips include luxurious lodging, gourmet cuisine, expert guides, and airport transportation, all at zero cost to 501(c)(3) organizations and charities.

2. Auctions and Raffles

Charitable organizations that partner with Charity Safaris receive these donated hunting trips and have the freedom to auction or raffle them off at fundraising events. This approach taps into the high demand for unique hunting experiences among donors, making these trips highly sought-after items in auctions and raffles.

3. 100% Profit Retention

What sets Charity Safaris apart is its unwavering commitment to ensuring that charitable organizations retain 100% of the profits generated through these auctions or raffles. This means that every dollar raised during these events goes directly to support the charitable cause without any deductions.

4. Sustainable Philanthropy

The sustainability of this philanthropic model lies in a balanced relationship between Charity Safaris, outfitters, and donors. Outfitters generously contribute their services, including lodging, food, and guiding, while donors contribute through paying trophy fees and gratuities. These fees and gratuities provide outfitters with revenue and support, ensuring their operations remain financially sustainable.

5. Commission Model

To cover its operational costs and continue supporting charitable initiatives, Charity Safaris earns a small commission on the trophy fees paid by hunters to outfitters. This commission ensures that Charity Safaris can maintain its operations and continue providing hunting trips to charitable organizations.


End Note: Extending the Reach of Philanthropy

From hunting to fundraising, Charity Safaris has made a unique approach. Rick Kennerknecht’s visionary leadership and Charity Safaris’ innovative approach epitomize the potential of innovation, collaboration, and genuine passion to drive positive change. With an unwavering commitment to ensuring that every donation serves its intended purpose, Charity Safaris heralds a new era in fundraising, creating unforgettable experiences for donors and lasting change for the greater good.


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