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Benefits of Grinding Your Weed



Benefits of Grinding Your Weed

Did you know there are benefits to grinding your weed before smoking? Whether you use a bong, pipe, or rolling papers, breaking weed up by hand is inefficient.

Some cannabis smokers may rely on breaking their buds up by hand, but they are missing out on some of the benefits you get with a weed grinder.

What are the benefits of grinding your weed?

Here’s a quick look at why you may want to invest in a grinding device.

Don’t worry, you can find an inexpensive and efficient one at almost any brick-and-mortar or online smoke store.

Grinding Saves Time

Yes, breaking out a weed grinder saves time so you can start smoking sooner.

Hopefully, your cannabis has large, sticky buds.

Pulling the buds apart by hand can take several minutes. Especially, if the weed is continuously sticking to your fingers.

A grinding device removes all of the hassle. Simply place the bud in the compartment and twist the lid. Grinding only takes a few seconds before the weed is ready to go into the bong.

Better for Rolling and in Water Pipes

Regardless of how long you spend separating buds by hand, you are almost always left with some larger pieces.

Larger pieces are still smokeable, but they are harder to work with.

Rolling chunks of weed often results in torn papers. You will also have a harder time packing the weed in tightly.

Finely grinding your weed is easier to use with rolling papers. You can also pack a bowl tightly without annoying air gaps.

Why do you want to avoid air gaps? Tightly packed weed burns slower resulting in less waste.

The Potency Stays the Same

Do you know what trichomes are?

Trichomes are the fine, delicate hairs on the bud. They also hold a lot of the weed’s potency.

Breaking marijuana apart by hand often results in the trichomes falling off or sticking to your fingers.

You can always lick your fingers to get the effect from the trichomes, but it’s not efficient or sanitary.

Not to mention the odd looks you’ll probably receive from fellow smokers.

Using a grinding device preserves the trichomes so they end up in the bowl or joint.

Keep Your Kief

Even using a grinding your weed device can result in the trichomes falling off.

However, instead of winding up on the counter, floor, or your fingers, the trichomes fall into a dedicated chamber.

If you are concerned about preserving the kief, get a grinding device with at least three chambers.

You may pay a little for more the additional chamber but it is worth the expense.

The kief easily shakes out of the chamber into the bowl or onto the rolling papers.

A good tip is to allow the kief to build up over time. You don’t have to empty the chamber after every grind.

When you have enough kief to fill a bowl, sit back, relax, and enjoy the flavor and potency of the hit.

With these benefits, it’s easy to see why it is worth spending a few minutes grinding your weed.


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