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Exploring the Best Universities in Phuket, Thailand

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Studying in Thailand can be a great option both for locals and for international students, study at a university on the tropical island of Phuket. The island of Phuket in Southern Thailand is considered a popular tourist destination, but it can actually have some quite interesting options for education.

In fact, Phuket is a great city to consider when choosing where you want to study in Thailand. It may not have many educational options to choose from, but it’s definitely worth considering. Here’s how you can choose the best university for your needs and everything you should know about universities in Phuket.

How Should You Choose Your University?

Before you start looking for the right university for your needs and interests, you need to consider some factors that could influence your ultimate choice. Here’s how you should choose your university:

Narrow Down Your Subject Choices:

It’s ideal that you know which subject you want to study. But if you are still conflicted about the matter, you can simply narrow down your choices and look at a couple of possible subjects to study. Not every university will offer relevant courses while some universities and colleges will specialize in certain niches.

Calculate Your Budget and Scholarship Potential:

Another essential aspect of your studies is tuition. If you have a tight budget, it’s best that you acknowledge this at the beginning of your search. This way, you don’t go applying to universities you can’t afford. On the other hand, you might be eligible for scholarships and grants which could cover your tuition or other related expenses.

See Who Your Professors (and Alumni) Are:

Career success doesn’t always depend on where or what you study, but education can be a factor. That’s why it’s good to check who professors at your university are. Similarly, check the university’s alumni and see what they have achieved professionally.

Consider University Location:

Some students prefer studying in their home country while others want to go abroad for their studies. If you are a local of Thailand, you could either already be living in Phuket or you might have to travel to the city to study there. If you aren’t a local, you will have to go abroad to study in Phuket which could lead to all kinds of problems while traveling. It’s best to be prepared.

Check Out the Campus and the Dorms:

Studying in the right environment will be more effective and comfortable. Likewise, if you are planning to apply for a dorm room, you must ensure that they are in a good state as well. If you want to have dormmates, they should be people you can manage to live with so closely.

Take into Account Transportation:

If you don’t end up living right next to your university, you will need to have some kind of transportation to take you to the campus. Whether you use public transport or you have your own car or something else is up to you as long as you find it comfortable. Remember how your visit to Tasmania went horribly wrong? Or how you couldn’t get to all the must-visit places in Israel? That’s exactly why good transportation is so important.

Research Available Leisure Activities:

Lastly, find out as much as you can about available leisure activities. You won’t be spending all your time studying, so you need to have some options for your leisure time or maybe yoga, gym etc. for the best feeling. Theatres, parks, festivals – all of these could factor into your choice of university.

Think About Your Food Choices:

Food likely won’t be a major factor for you, but it’s still worth checking out the local food options or specific needs according to your health available to you. What if you prefer Spanish food? How far are the supermarkets? Is there a local market? What about restaurants, pubs, and cafes? In fact, your university might have its own catering service.

Phuket Rajabhat University

When it comes to education in Thailand, Phuket Rajabhat University instantly comes to mind of anyone living in or around the city of Phuket. Established in 1971, Phuket Rajabhat University is a non-profit institution providing public education with campuses in Phuket and Trang. Besides the studies, this university also offers facilities and services such as housing, sports, a library, and scholarships.

Students from this university can become professional dissertation writers, scientists, medical workers, etc. The study areas of the courses offered at the Phuket Rajabhat University include:

  • Arts & Humanities (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate)
  • Business & Social Sciences (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate)
  • Science & Technology (Bachelor, Master)
  • Language & Cultural (Bachelor)
  • Medicine & Health (Bachelor)

International students are always welcome at the Phuket Rajabhat University and the acceptance rate is estimated to be around 64% (for all students). This university is a relatively affordable one both for locals and international students.

Prince of Songkla University

Whether you prefer the weather in Thailand or there is something else appealing to you, Prince of Songkla University could be another great choice for anyone interested in this country. Founded in 1967, Prince of Songkla University is also a non-profit institution providing public education with campuses in Phuket and Hat Yai. Much like Phuket Rajabhat University, Prince of Songkla University also offers additional facilities and services such as housing, sports, a library, and scholarships.

If you are struggling with your studies, you may be thinking, “Could someone write my research paper for me?” The answer is yes, indeed. However, you could also ask your fellow students to help out because the community at Prince of Songkla University is quite welcoming. The areas of study at this university include:

  • Medicine & Health (Diploma, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate)
  • Arts & Humanities (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate)
  • Business & Social Sciences (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate)
  • Language & Cultural (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate)
  • Engineering (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate)
  • Science & Technology (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate)

The admission rate to Prince of Songkla University is estimated to be around 60-70% while international students are welcome to apply. The university has tuition rates a little bit higher than those at Phuket Rajabhat University, but they are still relatively affordable.

Other Options for Studying in Phuket

Mariam Goodwill, an expert from the research paper writing service site, puts it this way, “Even if Phuket Rajabhat University and Prince of Songkla University don’t fit your needs, there are still great educational options in Phuket. There are several colleges to choose from – and some of them are even international.”

By far two of the most well-known colleges in Phuket are Phuket Technical College and Phuket Vocational College. Both are great in their own ways and offer programs in different areas of study.

Phuket Technical College provides Vocational Certificates and High Vocational Certificates in subjects such as Mechanical Technology, Electrical Power Technology, Building Construction, Information Technology, Architectural Drawing, and others.

Phuket Vocational College also provides Vocational Certificates and High Vocational Certificates. The areas of study include Commerce and Business, Home Economics, Arts, and Tourism. Moreover, this college also offers some English-language programs (Tourism Industry, Tourism Management, and Hotel and Service).

So, what’s the takeaway? If you are considering Thailand as a student who wants to find the best university to apply to. The options above will be perfect for anyone interested specifically in Phuket. Choose the university you like the most and pursue the career of your dreams.

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