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How Do I Fix Instagram Not Working on Android?



How Do I Fix Instagram Not Working on Android?

Fix Instagram Not Working

Is your Instagram not working on Android or crashing? Here’s How to Fix Instagram Keeps Stopping on Android.

Without a doubt, Instagram is one of the most popular social networking networks. The term responsibility refers to determining whether or not a person is responsible for the actions of another person.

Though the Instagram app is available on the web, there is a native dedicated app that comes with all the detailed features that have made Instagram one of the most popular social sharing apps on the web.

The app is accessible for both Android and iPhone devices and works well. Still, if the Instagram App keeps crashing or stalling on your device, here are some of the best ways to fix Instagram not working on your Android phone.

Tips to Fix Instagram Keeps Stopping on Android

Here are the various troubleshooting tips that will help you fix Instagram not working on your Android devices.

1. Update Instagram App

Start by updating the application from the Play Store. The update brings bug fixes and security patches that can help fix any app issues.

  1. Launch Play Store > Tap on Gmail ID avatar.
  2. Select Manage Apps & Device >Then tap on Updates Available.
Fix Instagram Not Working

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  1. Check if Instagram has a pending update lying around.
  2. Tap on the button Update beside Instagram to start the version update.
  1. Launch Instagram after the update is over.

Now the app should work fine without any freeze or crash issues.

Fix Instagram Not Working

2. Clear the Cache of Instagram

Cache build-up is one of the reasons for the app to crash or malfunction. Here are the steps to clear the junk data from the cache of the Instagram app.

  1. Long press on the Instagram app icon by going to the Android app drawer.
  2. From the shortcuts menu, tap on App Info.

Fix Instagram Not Working

  1. Under the app info section, tap on Storage & Cache.
  2. Then tap on Clear Cache.

Fix Instagram Not Working

  1. The app crashing issues should be fixed.

3. Check if Instagram is Down

Go to the Downdetector website to check if officially the Instagram servers are down. It happens when the company has to address some major bugs in the app to perform any maintenance.

You may also check on Twitter forums to know from other Instagram users or on Instagram’s official handle whether the app is down for bug fixing of some sort.

Fix Instagram Not Working

4. Data Saver Feature May be Active

As the name suggests, Instagram offers this Data Saver feature which, when active, will restrict a few functionalities of the app. So, you have to turn it off. Here are the steps for that.

  1. Open the Settings app on your Android device.
  2. Then tap on WiFi & Network.
  3. Next, tap on SIM & Network.

Fix Instagram Not Working

  1. Under that, tap on Data Saver.
  2. Tap the toggle beside the option Use Data Saver to disable it.


Fix Instagram Not Working

5. Fix the Internet Connection

While nothing may be the issue at the application end, it may be the internet connection at your end causing the Instagram calls to not work. Reset your WiFi router and also get in touch with the ISP support team.

Register a complaint to know if the ISP servers have some issue or if there is any other phenomenon, such as bad weather, causing the internet disruption.

6. Set the App Permissions for Instagram

You have to allow Instagram to access your device utilities. Lacking the permissions may cause the app to not run with full capability freeze or crash on mobile. Here are the steps to enable permissions for Instagram.

  1. Locate the Instagram app icon in the Android app drawer.
  2. Long press on the app icon and select the option App Info from the settings.

Fix Instagram Not Working

  1. Under the App info, tap on Permissions.
  2. Check if the Camera and Microphone are set under Not Allowed.
  3. Tap on Camera and Microphone, and set them to Allow.

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