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The Pros and Cons of Buying Wooden Garage Doors



Buying Wooden Garage Doors

When installing new wooden garage doors, the first question that might pop up is the door’s material. Most garage doors are either wooden or steel; in terms of functionality, there is not much to choose from here. Both metals, as well as wooden doors, look fantastic, and both can be automated.

Wooden Garage Doors

Disadvantages of wooden garage doors

However, wooden garages are often the preferred option because they add a luxurious touch to the appearance of your home. Not only do wooden doors look stunning, but they also add an understated elegance to the visual of any property.

If the house already has wooden features, the garage door’s appearance may also be customized so that it beautifully mixes in with the rest of the property. Apart from looks, Wood as a material is also famous for being safe, sturdy, and well insulated.

Here are specific pros and cons of wooden garage doors to help property owners decide which type of doors to buy.


Although wooden doors are appealing, they generally come with a heavy price tag. Wooden doors are expensive because they are time-consuming and require several hardware tools to create and install.

Wooden doors are also generally hefty in weight. If you come under a budget constraint, a good alternative is faux wood doors; they are comparatively lightweight and cost-efficient.


Wooden doors require excellent protection from moisture to keep them safe from termites, mould, and other such elements. One must ensure they stay well sealed, away from moisture and dampness.

When Wood gets wet, it buckles and develops mould. Thus, ensuring the durability of wooden doors requires strict maintenance and frequent repair work. Garage doors have various uses, too, so be careful with care.

Wooden Garage Doors

Advantages of wooden garage doors:

One significant benefit of wooden garage doors is that they do not usually dent or rust easily, unlike steel or metal doors, because they can resist much impact and distress.

Longevity and easy repair

If a steel door gets damaged, the whole door needs replacement; however, in most cases of minor impairment, you may repair wooden doors in sections without needing to replace the entire door. Titan Garage Doors for Vancouver garage door repair are a cost-efficient choice to repair doors as and when required.

Customization options

One big reason to opt for wooden doors is that they are customizable to match almost any exterior finish. A window or any other design of the customer’s choice can replace one door panel; this option is not applicable in the case of metal doors. Old wooden doors can even be repainted and refinished, giving them a new and vibrant look.

People conscious of wooden garage doors being a cause of forest depletion may rest assured that wooden doors are sustainable, eco-friendly, and energy efficient. Utility bills can come down if these doors are appropriately sealed and insulated during production.

More and more garage door manufacturers are serious about sustainability when sourcing timber for their entries. As a renewable energy source, Wood lasts for quite a long time, given proper care.

Buy wooden garage doors for sturdiness!

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