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7 Ways To Adapt To the Covid-19 Lockdown Life Like A Ninja



7 Ways To Adapt To the Covid-19 Lockdown Life Like A Ninja

Thanks to our ongoing global battle with the pandemic it looks like many nations will face some sort of covid-19 lockdown for the next six months a least. And given that for many of us it feels like restrictions had no sooner been lifted than they were reimposed, the result can be hard to bear psychologically, even if (thankfully) we’re unaffected physically.

However, help is at hand – if you want to handle lockdown with the resolve, resilience and inventiveness of a ninja, take a look at these 7 ways to adapt to Covid-19 lockdown life.

  • Get fit

You can literally learn to be a ninja online by watching free Ninja Learning Network training videos– however please be careful not to injure yourself and seek advice from a physician before starting any strenuous fitness regime.

  • Diet

Been meaning to try that healthy vegetarian or vegan diet for some time? With so much plant-based food available online, there’s never been a better time to switch – your waistline will also thank you for it!

  • Meditate

Creating some calm headspace for yourself is more important than ever during lockdown. If you don’t want to adhere to Buddhist meditation practices, mindfulness is an effective secular version you’ll find on apps like Calm.

  • Write

Always had a penchant for writing but never had the time to write down your thoughts? Writing a daily journal can be very therapeutic and your finished draft might turn into an autobiography or novel. Your lockdown diary could become a classic like Hagakure, still read hundreds of years after it was penned – who knows?

  • Study

Forget informal MOOCs where you put in the effort to study but don’t get a recognised qualification in return – take an online degree with ARU Distance Learning in a subject like digital marketing or psychology and you could be on your way to an exciting new career.

  • Bond with family

Being stuck indoors with family need not mean that you’re at each other’s throats – in fact it can be the ideal opportunity to build bridges and spend some quality time together. Spend a little less time on your phone or tablet and a little more time bonding over activities like cooking, crafts and simply chatting, then you’ll feel closer than ever to your loved ones.

  • Virtual pub quiz

Participating in a regular virtual pub quiz can be a great way of exercising those little grey cells and catching up with friends over a few convivial drinks. If you’re struggling for ideas on how to get started, take a look at the amazing Jay’s Virtual Pub Quiz, which has taken the online world by storm this year!

Follow these seven ways to adapt to covid-19 lockdown life like a ninja and you’ll navigate the next few months like the most nimble shinobi – you can thank us later!

Share you’re lockdown tips in the comments section – we would love to hear them.


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