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Everything to Know about European Surrogacy Clinics



fertility clinic, Everything to Know about European Surrogate Clinics

European Surrogacy clinics are helping people in the medical process either they need a gestational surrogacy or traditional surrogacy. They work to provide a hassle-free and safe surrogacy process with a fertility clinic . The perspective surrogates and intended parents must be comfortable with the medical process during a surrogate pregnancy.

Intended parents may already be in contact with any fertile clinic that later this clinic continues as their surrogacy clinic. Well, for intended parents who are familiar with a fertility clinic or any medical process related to the surrogate pregnancy, the surrogate clinic is an overwhelming option.

Services European Surrogacy clinics offer

Any fertility clinic may also serve as a surrogacy clinic. The medical professional in the clinic is experienced. They diagnose fertility complexities and provide treatment. If intended parents fail to continue the fertility process, the clinic helps them to continue the surrogacy process. Surrogacy clinics help you through every step through the surrogacy process. Steps include:

  • Medical screening
    A surrogate must undergo a proper medical screening process to examine whether she is physically ready or not for the surrogacy process. This medical screening may include the saline sonograms, blood tests and more. If the intended parents are already working with a fertility clinic, they must already undergo the medical screening process to create an embryo. If they are not already in contact with any fertility clinic, they must also undergo some tests to make sure either they can generate a healthy embryo or not. Some clinics also provide psychological treatment during the process.
  • IVF and Gamete retrieval process
    Clinic guides the intended parents and surrogate the in vitro process after they cleared the early medical tests. This includes everything starting from harvesting the egg in intended mother to transfer of IVF to surrogate mother.
  • Pregnancy tests
    After successfully transferring the embryo to the surrogate mother, the surrogacy clinic started some pregnancy tests. The hormone level and blood tests are completed to confirm the pregnancy. This is an in-depth process to check the healthy surrogacy, and later the test could be provided at home.

Finding the right surrogacy clinic

For the surrogacy process, intended parents usually find the surrogacy clinics before finding a match, even. Mostly intended parents have contact with the clinic for their fertility process, that later work for their surrogacy process too.

Well, if they don’t have one yet, they can choose from multiple available options. A surrogacy agency may also refer to a professional surrogate clinic. Many surrogate clinics also are in contact with gamete banks. Before choosing a clinic for the surrogacy process, make sure you are comfortable with the undergoing process by the clinic.

The major benefit of a surrogate clinic is that they have qualified doctors and staff who treat many cases at a time. The doctors must be trained and experienced in their field. You can contact leihmutter tschechien.

Having modern facilities, machinery, and technology is not an option for surrogate clinics. A professional surrogate clinic helps you in a secure surrogacy journey. Keep some factors in your mind before choosing a surrogate clinic. It would be best if you chose an accurate surrogate treatment with all preventive measures.

Cost of surrogacy

The total cost of European surrogacy includes the surrogate expenses and fees, agency fees, legal fees and fertility clinic fees. Surrogate mothers from Portugal or Czech Republic – are expensive (from 20 000 EUR). Lower price for service of surrogate mothers is from leihmutter Ukraine and cost 9 000 – 14 000 USD. Surrogate mothers from Czech Republic are better for European citizens and for single parents. The cost of the surrogacy may be different depending on the different factors involved. The cost also depends upon the individual agreements.


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