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Crucial Facts to Know Before you Become an Online Gambler

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Crucial Facts to Know Before you Become an Online Gambler

Do you want to be an online gambler but you need help? If the answer is yes, you are on the right page. Here we will discuss and reveal the main things and facts all newbies need to know before spinning the reels of online slots or playing any other game. Once you know these simple things, you will have better odds and you will enjoy online gambling even more.

Use bonuses, as much as you can

Almost all online casinos offer bonuses. They may be free spins, free tickets, match bonuses, reload bonuses, a combination of these and so much more. The goal is always the same. An online casino will get a new player and you get free money from that site. For instance, you can get 50 free spins to play Mega Moolah game that can help you win millions. This is a progressive jackpot game meaning winnings can be extremely high.

Every single bonus is useful, appealing, and comes with basic requirements that can be easily met. As a newbie, you only need to gamble and enjoy it. Don’t forget that bonuses can help you play more, even if on a tight budget.

Don’t gamble at casinos without a license

In Europe, several gambling authorities issue permits to online casinos. In the UK, one is the main option. It is UKGC or United Kingdom Gambling Commission. They issue permits to online casinos. There are several types and each site can apply to the one permit they need.

A license means that a casino has been tested and approved by the professionals. You have rights and you can complain if you don’t get paid or if you encounter any issue. Online casinos pay fees for this and they cannot operate in the United Kingdom without the license!

Look for RTP

Here is a simple thing to know. All online slots (you will most likely stat with this type of casino game) have RTP or return to player. It is expressed in percentage and it means a theoretical amount of money a player will win back after a period of time. Online slots have RTP between 90% and 99%. So, if you play a slot with 90% RTP and you invest £100 you should get back at least £90. But, if you win the jackpot, you can win so much more.

In essence slots with higher RTP are more likely to pay out in long run and therefore more preferable for gamblers. Look for this in any slot.

Learn to play a game first

Some games in online casinos are extremely simple so there is no need to master them before investing real money. The best example is fruit slots. These are online versions of land casino games you were able to play in Las Vegas casinos in the 70s and 80s. Basically, you can place a bet, spin the reels, and wait for the outcome. Most slots are similar, but new ones are more complex. They may have mini-games, bonus features, paylines which make a game more advanced. On the other side, table games have been more advanced since the beginning.

Regardless of which game you want to play (unless it is fruit slot) learn it first. There are demo games of almost any casino game available now. Demo means that you will pay for free, without adding any funds or anything similar. Once you master a game, play it for real. You will know the rules, a few tips, and tricks that can help you win. In the UK, most players are 35-44 years of age (29.3% in 2020) meaning they are likely intermediate or even advanced internet users. Finding a demo game and mastering it is therefore much easier.

Don’t forget about two simple rules

There are many tips and rules you can find online at the moment. But, there are 2 of them which will make sure you gamble safely and without any complications. First of all, gamble only the money you can lose. Do not lend money or sell stuff to gamble. Secondly, gamble responsibly.

There is one organization that can help you if you or a loved one has problems with gambling. It is called Gamstop and basically, this is an organization in the UK where you can register and select a period of time you don’t want to gamble. Once done, online casinos such as Wink Slots, 888 Casino, and countless others won’t accept your registration or will block your account. Once the time is up, you can continue gambling as always. However, not all online casinos are members of Gamstop, you can find many of non Gamstop online gambling sites which work with UK players or ways how to get around Gamstop on NonGamstopCasino.

All of this basically means that you have protection and you don’t have to worry about becoming an addict. You can enjoy more and you can play as long as you like, at any casino you want.


The bottom line is simple. Online gambling is extremely simple, fun, and can be profitable with a bit of luck. It is a new thing for you, which is the main reason why it looks so complex and for some even scary. In reality, it is completely opposite. Online gambling is an unlimited source of fun


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