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7 Advantages of Artificial Grass | Artificial Turf Benefits

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Artificial grass is becoming more and more popular in gardens these days. This is mainly due to the number of advantages they have over real grass.

1.  Low Maintenance Required

Artificial grass has practically no maintenance required. There’s no need to mow it, as it won’t grow any longer and will stay in the same condition all year round. Also, there’s no need to water it to keep it healthy. You will need to clean it sometimes, but this can be done easily with a hose, some cleaning products (if needed), and maybe a sweep with a broom. This will eliminate some dreaded chores and free up your spare time, which you can spend enjoying your beautiful lawn.

2.  Looks Great All Year Round

Your fake grass will look great all of the time. Real grass varies in appearance and health, depending on the time of year and how well it’s maintained. Even in the dead of winter, artificial grass looks green and plush without any effort. Most products you can buy also look, and feel, just like the real thing. Visitors to your home probably won’t be able to tell the difference.

3.  Safe For Children

If you have kids, you can be assured that they can play safely on artificial turfs. Because they don’t grow, they don’t need any pesticides or other harmful chemicals, which makes them safer for everyone to play on. Additionally, the kids won’t come back inside with the usual grass and mud stains they sometimes get on their clothes, which also means less washing and no stubborn stains to remove. Plus they can play on it all year round, and won’t have to avoid the garden after a heavy downpour, as your lawn won’t be flooded or muddy.

4.  Great For Pets

Having fake grass can also be of benefit if you have pets. Not only does it make it safer for them to play on, but there isn’t the chance of your dog or cat digging up your precious lawn, or trying to eat it. When your pet defecates on the grass, it’s a lot easier to pick up and clean up with a quick spray of water. Your home will benefit too, as you won’t have to deal with muddy footprints on your floors.

5.  Fewer Weeds

Weeds will never be a problem again. With artificial grass, you won’t see many weeds at all, if any. Real lawns can be plagued by weeds, of many different varieties, and this results in you having to dedicate some time each day to eradicate them. You may see the odd weed on your fake lawn, but they will be very seldom and will mainly grow around the edges.

6.  More Durable

Due to the materials, it’s made from, your artificial lawn will be highly durable, withstand heavy usage, and last a number of years. It won’t fade in the sunlight and can cope with all weather conditions. It will be very hard to damage, even if you’re constantly using it, and will show little sign of wear and tear.

7.  Saves Money In The Long Run

Once you’ve paid for the upfront cost of your grass, and artificial grass price varies depending on size and quality, there are very little costs when compared to a real lawn. Not having to water the lawn every day will cut back on your water bill. You won’t have to buy costly pesticides or fertilizers to maintain your lawn. You also won’t need an expensive lawnmower to cut it. All of these savings will largely recoup the initial cost and will be saving you money far into the future.

These are the main advantages of choosing an artificial lawn over one made from real grass. Choose the one that’s right for you and you won’t be disappointed.

This article comes courtesy of a Chiang Mai based artificial grass supplier, Tami Artificial Turf. If you’re interested in buying high-quality artificial grass, visite their shop on Lazada and Shoppee.





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