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How to Send Happy New Year Stickers on WhatsApp?



How to Send Happy New Year Stickers on WhatsApp?

Even if we can always start the Happy new year with our loved ones, the possibilities brought up by technology allow us to constantly keep connected with our friends and family. WhatsApp allows you to send Happy New Year’s greetings wherever you are.

However, did you know that you can use the latest WhatsApp features to take your Happy New Year’s greetings to the next level with stickers? Stickers make it simple to jazz up your standard Happy New Year messages. Here’s how to get and use stickers on these sites.

Happy New Year stickers

                                                                  Happy New Year 2023, Stickers!

How to send Happy New Year stickers on WhatsApp

To transfer stickers using WhatsApp, you must first have sticker packs loaded. Android users can accomplish this by going to the Google Play Store and downloading sticker packs.

If you search for Happy New Year’s stickers, you should have no trouble finding a number of them.

When you launch the app after installing it, you should see several groupings of stickers called sticker packs. Each of these sticker packs may be individually installed, allowing you to fill your phone with only the ones you desire.

Find a button that adds each sticker pack to your order. In most cases, this will be indicated by a plus sign to the right of the individual packs or by a prompt reading “add” at the bottom of the page.

To install the pack, tap on the button. Keep in mind that you can also install many sticker packs simultaneously. When your sticker packs have been successfully imported, you can send them to individual or group chats.

To accomplish this, launch a conversation window and select the appropriate emoji from the menu that appears (on the left of the text input pill). Instead of using an emoji, navigate to the stickers tab, usually the second tab from the right. Here, you will find more horizontally assorted tabs of the individual sticker packs you have installed.

You can now send any sticker by simply tapping on it and selecting the recipient from the drop-down menu.

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