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5 Ways To Keep Your Car Secure



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If you have just invested in a new car or you are worried about the security of an older car, you can take some precautions to make sure your car is always kept as secure as possible.

It’s much better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the safety of your car, it can be expensive to replace windows and damage if someone breaks in or vandalizes your vehicle.

Here are some of our top tips when it comes to keeping your car secure. Follow these 5 security measures to minimize any problems…

1. Parkin areas you know are safe

It might seem obvious, but if you are in a rush and looking for a space to park, you should make sure it is a safe spot. It only takes a few minutes to check the area around if you aren’t familiar with parking in the place.

Expensive cars are most likely to get targeted, but this shouldn’t put you off looking for a new vehicle, there are some car finance options that will cover you if you want to upgrade. No matter what the value of your car, sometimes it’s more appropriate to park in designated car parks than on a roadside pavement, even if you are stopping for under an hour.

If you are looking for a new car and you would like a loan to help you cover the costs, you can choose car finance for bad credit option. This type of finance is ideal for those who are in the process of improving their credit score but haven’t quite got there yet. Not many companies offer such deals for car finance, but luckily some are willing to trust you, even without a good credit score.

2. Invest in a GPS car tracker

If you live in an area with a high crime rate, you can take extra precautions like installing a car GPS tracker. This will enable you to track your car if it does happen to get stolen and go missing, many install trackers for peace of mind. Most GPS trackers can be connected to your phone via an application making them easy to use.

3. Install an extra-alarm

Most vehicles come fitted as standard with an alarm that will go off if it senses something moving inside when it is locked. However, these alarms aren’t the most effective security measure you can take, if you want extra safety there are options like steering wheel locks that are easy to put on. You don’t need to use one every time you leave the car, but if you are in an unfamiliar area or you feel more suspicious, you can attach the wheel lock. These locks will put most thieves off as they’re so bright and chunky.

4. Don’t leave valuables on display

The best way to beckon a break-in is by leaving valuable items on display, so avoid doing this at all costs. If someone is ready to find a car and willing to damage the windows or doors to break in, yours will be the best target if they know there are valuable items inside.

It will be worth the break-in for a burglar if he can see a laptop for example or a phone. Don’t leave valuables in the car but if you don’t have a choice, put them right under the back chair where they cannot be seen or in the boot.

5. Double-check you have locked your car after parking

For those who are commonly in a rush and parking quickly, it’s always best to double-check you have locked your car. This is especially important for those who have valuables inside, make sure expensive items are hidden even if your car isn’t a new expensive model.

There are people who go around looking to break into cars and they have specific tactics to do this. Not only should you double-check the doors are locked but the windows as well, even if one of the windows is open slightly this could entice a break-in.

These are some of the top ways to keep your car secure and it’s worth following all of them if you regularly drive your car. Most people drive every day, whether it’s to work, popping to the shops, or dropping the kids off at school. Remember our top tips for keeping your car secure when you are out and about, and it’s unlikely you’ll have any troubles with security.


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