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Experts’ Global- The Only Choice for MBA Admission Consulting and GMAT Prep




Experts’ Global stands at the respective pinnacles of GMAT prep and MBA admission consulting. Of all the ventures operating in these domains, Experts’ Global provides the most exhaustive guidance. Ever since the firm’s humble beginnings in 2008, its reputation has grown manifold. To date, students from more than 50 countries have benefited from Experts’ Global’s assistance.

On the Company

Founded in 2008 by Mr. Mayank Srivastava, Experts’ Global is an EdTech firm focusing on the provision of quality education through cutting-edge technology. Experts’ Global imparts GMAT training of a truly global standard, as well as MBA admissions consultancy, a point of pride that thousands of students worldwide can cosign. Experts’ Global’s staff is highly skilled, extremely driven, and possesses great pride in both the work that the company does and its highly efficient underlying processes. Let us here examine the various dimensions of this work.

GMAT Preparation

Experts’ Global’s online, on-demand GMAT preparation program is far ahead of the pack. The program has more than three-hundred conceptual videos and four-thousand practice questions, which combine to manifest a very methodical and effective GMAT preparation process. The entirety of Experts’ Global’s practice material has been painstakingly formulated to exactly resemble the GMAT, in terms of the range of concepts it covers, the complexity and difficulty of its questions, its style of presentation, etc. The testing screen of Experts’ Global’s practice material is also very GMAT-accurate. It presents an identical full-screen layout, comparable graphics and controls, and even a timer that turns red if one takes too much time on a question. This simulates the time pressure of an actual GMAT exam.

Mock Tests

Experts’ Global has also come up with several excellent GMAT mock tests, 15 in total. The mock test questions are as representative of the GMAT questions as the remainder of the firm’s practice material and are hosted on the same testing screen. The test series is also driven by powerful analytics software. This software keenly analyzes a student’s performance and throws up relevant insights into their strengths and weaknesses. The software assesses their performance, across several mocks, to isolate which GMAT areas they are most/least proficient in, which areas are most time-consuming for them, their level of accuracy vis-a-vis speed, and much more.

Live Classroom Program

Alongside the online program, Experts’ Global also has a potent live classroom program. A weekend program conducted by Mr. Srivastava himself, it is set apart by his dedication and enthusiasm as a teacher, which has been remarked upon by students. The students have also been deeply affected by Mr. Srivastava’s sharp insights into the intricacies of the GMAT. Such in-depth knowledge hardly comes as a surprise from a GMAT 99th percentile holder such as Mr. Srivastava. Enrollees of the live classroom program also receive complete access to Experts’ Global’s online material.

MBA Admission Consultancy

One of the core tenets that underlies Experts’ Global’s MBA admission consultancy is providing each applicant with the most attention and guidance possible. This tenet is put into practice by Experts’ Global’s boutique approach. Experts’ Global only takes on a certain number of applicants yearly, while making sure that each of them gets the guidance they require. Providing what they call “End to End Admission Consultancy”, the firm renders assistance at each step of the admissions process. This exhaustiveness of assistance has proven highly useful, as their students have secured admits across each of the world’s top one-hundred and fifty business schools.

ISB Admission Consultancy

Amongst the schools that Experts’ Global has guided its applicants in securing admission to, they are most closely familiar with ISB, the Indian School of Business. Understanding ISB’s popularity amongst Indian MBA aspirants, Experts’ Global has made sure that its admission consultants are conversant with the nitty-gritty of ISB’s admission requirements and process. The venture’s efforts herein have struck gold, as yearly 90 percent of Experts’ Global’s ISB applicants receive interview calls.

Admission Interview Prep

Assistance in preparing for interviews, one of the most vital stages of the admission process, is one of the most commonly desired kinds of MBA admission consultancy. Experts’ Global is quite aware of just how necessary a good interview performance is and has formulated a vigorous admission interview training procedure. The foundation of this training lies in a series of mock interviews, conceptualized and carried out by a polished interview mentor. It all begins, however, with a series of 15 instructional videos that expound upon all the intricacies of a good MBA admissions interview performance quite exhaustively. Thereafter, the student completes a questionnaire that comprises the 30 most commonly asked MBA interview questions. This helps the mentor in figuring out how well the student has absorbed the insights present in the videos, and so in designing the mocks accordingly to fill in their weaknesses. Each mock is accompanied by a painstaking feedback session.

Experts’ Global’s GMAT training and MBA admission consultancy have shown thousands of MBA aspirants the path to their dream schools. This firm is truly a leader in its domain.


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