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5 Colorful Ways to Stand Out with Banner Design



5 Ways to Stand Out with Banner Design

Banner Design: The retractable banner or retractable standee is a common addition to the market of printed promotional items that are used in various settings such as retail stores, corporate events, and outdoor advertising.

Because these Retractables are among the most popular products designed for marketing messages they can be more expensive than some other options like flyers; but, if your organization needs an effective way to get its message across at trade shows or conventions where competition is high then retractable banners might be what you need to make an impact on future clients and customers.

These retractable banners are a combination of an easel and a banner that retracts for a sleek and unobtrusive means of display.

Retractable Banner Design – How to stand out!

A retractable banner is just like any other printed piece in that it requires creative attention to catch the eye of someone walking by, but unlike some other methods, the retractable banner’s larger size gives you more room for creative content while also drawing attention to it.

When designing one, there are several points you’ll want to keep in mind so your retractable stands out from all others at your next event or promotion.

And since the colour is important here are five tips for getting the most impact possible with small changes in colour:

  • Bold text vs. thin text
  • Shape or pattern in the background
  • Contrasting colours
  • Usage of shadows and gradients

Now, designing a retractable banner can be a bit trickier than other banners because you have to consider the retractable mechanism when laying out your content. In order for Retractables to close properly all seams need to meet up together perfectly at the end of the opening so everything fits back into place without being too tight or loose.

This means that your text will have to adjust for this reality. To get around this problem try using different sizes for important elements like titles and body copy so it’s easier to fit all pieces together once retracted.

The retractable banners are a great way to market products or services by simply showing them off from a distance. Trade shows and conventions are the best places to use retractable banners as they can be easily seen from a distance, but Retractables also have many other great uses such as using it for your business or company’s logo.

For example, you might want to replace a traditional door banner with a retractable one if you make frequent changes to your logo since Retractables tend to take less time and effort.

The retractable banner is also a good idea for showing off event schedules at convention centers or other spaces where attendees spend much of their time waiting in line or getting from place to place.

Retractable Banner Design – Where should I put my message?

Are you having trouble putting together the text for your retractable banner? If you’re struggling with where to place your text on retractable banner designs, look no further. There are several places where you can put text without overwhelming the design or crowding important elements. Here are a few ideas:

– On a lighter or translucent coloured background choose a darker colour for text so it will be readable from farther away. It’s also best to use larger font sizes in this case because small fonts here will just blend into the retractable banner template and become hard to read.

– Draw attention to your brand logo by placing it near the top of the retractable banners where viewers’ eyes tend to focus first when taking in images.

Place other information below so viewers have something to look at while waiting for them to recognize your logo and remember who you are rather than having them read everything at once.


So retractable banners are a great way to attract new business and customers. It is a must-have for any business that wants to get more visibility. This is one of the best ways to promote your business. Retractable banner design is an easy and economical method to market for all types of businesses.

So understanding retractable banner design is the key to success in retractable banner design.

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