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Talent Trends to Watch in 2020



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The concept of employment and talent hiring isn’t something that is set to remain stagnant. We have been witnessing considerable changes in the realm of recruitment, and perhaps can foresee a significant change and improvement coming up as well.

Experts believe that there will be a host of new changes and enhancements in the next couple of years. In fact, we have already witnessed that the job market has now moved towards a candidate centric approach and that should ideally be one of the reasons that have redefined the hiring industry by and large.

From that perspective, we thought we would focus on a few likely trends in the employment industry.

Some of the new talent trends we would look ahead to in the next couple of years can include a few of the following.

Move from Reactive to Proactive Mode of talent Management

The workforce these days is not limited to humans alone. There are several modes of employees that include permanent employees, freelancers, and even robots. This is set to change the workforce planning rather efficiently. You would now need to focus more on the proactive role in your talent management going forward.

Diversity in employment is set to be mainstay over the next few years. This will ensure that you will have access to substantial employee experience. The modern applicant tracking systems and recruiting tools are best suited to achieve this goal. Tools such as Greenhouse ATS software should be one of those excellent options.

Super Jobs are likely to rise

By super jobs we refer to the jobs that need you to focus on skills that move beyond one particular domain. This is bound to create a heightened job competition. The trend is also set to bring in the need for a more diverse level of employee development.

The employees would now need to adapt to a fast-changing job market. It has also redefined the key areas that an employer needs to focus on when it comes to training the employees and creating employee development avenues.

Employee-led Learning

Employees will now be more focused on learning and leading their own learning. This has created a new focus on personalized learning options when you compare it to the one size fits all approach when it comes to training.

Employees now have their own say in what they would want to achieve with respect to their current and future goals. This has given rise to a holistic approach and can be seen to be developing into a massive trend in the years to come. This can further improve personal self-improvement in the long run.

Employer branding

The concept of employer branding has been taking shape over the past few years and has become one of the essential elements when it comes to attracting the best talent possible. In the coming decade, the employer branding – or an authentic employer branding is set to be a significant trend.

While a reliable employer brand is what you would look ahead to, an authentic employer brand can be what would further enhance the ability of your organization in attracting the top talent. An authentic employer branding can be one of the best goals to achieve with a focus on benefits, culture, social responsibility or flexibility.

Use of Effective data

Focus on the local talent market has been one of the most important factors one is expected to focus on. A deep dive into the local talent market can be one of the best options you would need to opt for. And the focus on the local talent market is set to be the mainstay in the years to come.

If you are an employee who is looking to improve the workforce sensing capabilities of the organization, it is high time you would need to invest in the proper understanding of the external data sources.

Continuous transformation

This is yet another new trend we would expect to have a long lasting effect on the future employment scenario. While the employers are expecting their employees to multi-skilled and opt for reskilling, they are also expecting them to achieve a continuous transformation.

The agility and scalability have achieved more importance than just people development. The key is to ensure the reskilled employees are provided with a strategic change in the way the tasks are handled.

Well, these were just a few upcoming trends with respect to the employment and recruitment industry. We would definitely expect the employers to focus on the upcoming trends before it is too late and prepare themselves in the race for achieving the best possible performance in the employee market.

Employer branding, diverse employment, and empowered management have been the key to achieve better standards in the years to come. An organization that focuses and absorbs the upcoming trends would be one of the most successful options in the long run.


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