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How to Hire a React Native Developer & How Much Does It Cost to Hire One?



How to Hire a React Native Developer & How Much Does It Cost to Hire One?

React Native is the most preferred front-end app development framework for building interactive and dynamic applications. Popular apps, like Skype, Instagram, Airbnb, and UberEATS, have leveraged the utility of React Native. Hence, businesses should also prioritize React Native development to improve their digital penetration and appeal to more users.

Let us first discuss the benefits of hiring React Native developer before addressing the hiring process and the costs involved.

Benefits of Hiring a React Native Developer

The following benefits underline why you should hire a react native developer:


React Native helps developers build cross-platform applications. Hence, a single developer can build a particular app for both Android and iOS systems. This feature helps organizations in spending on different developers for different platforms. React Native codes are easily reusable for a range of projects, and many third-party logins save the developer significant time and resources.


React Native components with JavaScript libraries create incredibly responsive and smooth-running applications. The apps will also render quickly and offer native-like performance across all platforms without hassle.

Large community

React Native is an open-source platform, which means developers can help each other in solving complex problems and strengthen the community. Developers can find all the support they need in the community, in addition to training materials and user guides for necessary tools.

Quick development

The flexible architecture of React Native allows new developers to hop on any ongoing project and contribute to developing the application. There are no transition obstacles, and multiple developers can update the same app, leading to shorter deployment times.

How to Hire a React Native Developer Suitable for Your Organization?

The following steps can help you hire a React Native developer for full-time or freelancing needs:

Outline the project requirements

You must specify the job requirements as clearly as possible to leave no room for queries in the candidate’s mind. Focus on the following areas while outlining the requirements:

Create a User Flow – Before beginning a project in React Native, the developer must understand the purpose of the application. This information is better shared via a user flow, so the developer can assess the scope and anticipate challenges that may arise during development.

Create GUI Design – Graphical User Interface (GUI) helps developers understand the visual elements of the data available and the ideas behind them. It also helps in deriving a timeline for the project and its cost.

API Documentation – Developers need the outline of the technical requirements of the project before beginning their work.

Create a job description (JD)

A job description should be a clear outline of the roles and responsibilities, expectations, company profile, employee benefits, and must-have skills. A clear and consistent JD will answer many of the applicant’s questions and make them introspect if they are the right candidate for the position. Ultimately, you will end up receiving applications from candidates who have measured themselves by the requirements mentioned in the JD and consider themselves fit for the organization.

Prioritize technical skills

To find your ideal React Native developer, you should look for candidates with proficiency in the following technical skills:

  • JavaScript, ES6, and React Native
  • Native Android and iOS development
  • Redux
  • App navigation
  • Debugging and testing
  • Writing readable, consistent, and error-free codes

Incentivize soft skills

Besides technical abilities, an ideal candidate must possess the soft skills to facilitate teamwork, smooth communication, and cross-functional collaboration. Ask the following questions during the interview to test the soft skills of the candidate:

  • What was your most intimidating challenge in previous projects, and how did you overcome them?
  • Have you ever managed a team through a difficult period? What were the lessons you learned?
  • How do you approach a task which you have never worked on before?
  • How do you manage your work priorities?
  • How do you simplify your jargon while communicating with other departments?

These steps will help you streamline the process of finding the right candidates and assessing them as per your organization’s culture once you have identified the right candidate, onboard and induct them into your organization.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a React Native Developer?

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The cost of hiring a React Native developer can fluctuate, depending on a lot of factors. Let us discuss these factors before concluding on the salary range.

Factors That Affect the Hiring Cost

App Complexity

This is the most significant factor in app development. A feature-rich application will be more complex to handle and requires a highly-skilled developer. Similarly, an application with minimum features will be low in cost and requires a low to mid-level developer. It is a good practice to list out the features of the project and calculate the development cost to identify the skill tier of the desired developer.

Purpose of the App

The purpose of the application is defined by its category. Each category dictates numerous sub-factors, such as functionalities, security requirements, real-time users, and much more. Evidently, the purpose of the application also contributes to the overall development cost.

A simple calculator application with minimum functionalities will be less expensive, requiring a single developer. However, a social media application will be increasingly complex to manage and needs a team of highly-skilled developers.

Hardware Integration

The cost of the application increases with the number of hardware integration. React developers can integrate their applications with IoT devices (smart home appliances, smart watches, etc.), cameras, microphones, and much more. Suffice it to say a future-proof and hardware-reliant application is expensive to develop.

Maintenance of the App

The development of the app does not end with its deployment, as developers must update them with new features and bug fixes. Hence, it is important to anticipate the maintenance cost of the application to keep it running.

Location of the Talent

Location is a crucial factor when looking for a React Native developer, as professionals from different countries have distinct payscale. For example, a React Native developer from India will be more cost-efficient than a U.S.-based developer.

Skills and Experience of the Candidate

The skills and experience of a professional directly impact the cost of hiring them. A highly-skilled professional with years of experience will be able to handle multiple projects of varying complexity and will understandably charge more. It is important to consider the complexity and support your projects need, as they will help derive the desired skill and experience level of the right candidate.

Budgeting for the Role

Considering the factors above, the cost range of a React Native mobile developer will be between USD 15,000 and USD 300,000. The following table highlights the cost breakup more efficiently:

Final Thoughts

Hiring a React Native developer can unlock the potential of your organization’s digital success. The framework is very popular in building next-gen applications that accommodate numerous features and attract more users.

The tips above will help you hire the right React Native developer that adds value to your organization and build seamless apps that improve the user experience.

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