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Uptake Of COVID-19 Vaccine Is Up, But Still Way Below 2021

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Uptake Of COVID-19 Vaccine Is Up, But Still Way Below 2021

(CTN News) – The number of people getting Covid-19 vaccines has increased since the new one was released last month, which signals that a small bump has taken place.

It is important to note that the latest formulation from Pfizer has been created specifically to combat the latest variants of Omicron.

Based on Te Whatu Ora figures, just over 14,000 people were vaccinated in the week ending 15th of March.

There were 11,000 of them, most of them people receiving their third or subsequent booster shot.

In some weeks, hundreds of thousands of people were Covid vaccinated, which is more than double the number in the busiest week in February, but it is still low when compared to the peak of the rollout when hundreds of thousands of people were vaccinated.

According to Helen Petoussis Harris, an immunologist at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, the lower overall uptake could be the result of people not keeping up to date with the latest developments in Covid vaccines, or it may also be the result of vaccine fatigue.

Additionally, she said that some people have just not spent the time to get it as they should.

According to her, some people could be waiting until the Covid influenza vaccine was available before getting both immunizations so that they could get both at the same time.

During the month of February, the first day flu vaccinations will be funded will be Tuesday.

The release of the flu vaccine last year coincided with an increase in Covid vaccinations – about 100,000 doses were administered during a week in April last year, when the flu vaccine was rolled out.


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