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Thailand Reports No “Flesh-Eating Disease”After Outbreak in Japan

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Flesh-Eating Disease

Thailand’s Department of Disease Control (DDC) stated on Saturday that no cases of necrotising fasciitis , a rare “flesh-eating” disease, a bacterial infection that spreads swiftly in the body and can be fatal, have been identified in the country this year, and that the situation is being actively monitored in Japan and Thailand.

The DDC was responding to a concerning surge in instances of the “flesh-eating” sickness in Japan, the DDC stated that, while Japan is studying the actual cause, some feel that its relaxation of Covid-19 preventative measures may be one of the factors.

Covid-19 preventative methods are also effective in preventing against this bacterial illness, according to the DDC. According to the DDC, more than 200 different bacteria can cause necrotising fasciitis, with Group A Streptococcus (Group A strep) being the most common cause.

The total number of necrotising fasciitis infections registered between 2019 and the end of last year was 106,021, according to the DDC, with 1,048 deaths.

The morbidity rate in Thailand declined dramatically last year to 27.35 per 100,000 people, down from 32.5 previously, while the number of cases typically peaks during June and July each year, according to the DDC.

Flesh-Eating Disease

What is the flesh-eating disease?

Necrotising fasciitis is a serious infection that necessitates hospitalization, and antibiotics and surgery are often the main lines of treatment if a doctor suspects a patient has necrotising fasciitis.

Scarlet fever, which is listed as an illness under surveillance under Thailand’s Communicable Diseases Act of 2015, is recognized as a warning indication of potential Group A Streptococcus infection, according to the DDC.

While the scarlet fever rash is not hazardous, it is a sign of Group A Strep illness, which can advance to invasive infections such as necrotising fasciitis or toxic shock syndrome and be lethal if not treated, according to the DDC.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government stated last week that the number of cases of the infection had surpassed more than half of last year’s total, with 88 in the city and 517 overall.

Northern Thailand Residents Warned About Flesh-Eating Disease

Northern Thailand Residents Warned About Flesh-Eating Disease


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