One Touch EMR Software: The One And Only Solution
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One Touch EMR Software: The One and Only Solution



One Touch EMR

Find Out How One Touch EMR will Change your Career in One Way With Its Amazing Features!

One Touch EMR is a cloud-based EMR that assists practices such as Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and General Practitioners in managing their patients’ medical histories. Mobile devices running different operating systems, such as iOS and Android, can access the solution remotely. Physicians who want to qualify for Meaningful Utilize can use OneTouch EMR because it is an ONC-ATCB Certified solution. The technology is intended to enable doctors in obtaining reimbursements by assisting them in managing their total note-taking skills and giving a virtual Encrypt-and-MAC coding helper. One Touch EMR provides online chat, training videos, and phone assistance.

The solution may be given as part of the One Touch EMR system or can be smoothly integrated with a variety of practise management and billing systems. Scheduling, appointment reminders, document management, lab orders, e-prescribing, integrated fax, and more are all included in One Touch EMR’s package. In addition to one-time setup costs, services are available on a monthly subscription basis. The best part of OneTouch EHR Software is that it offers a variety of support options, including role-based assistance videos, online chat, and phone support. All of these help channels are managed by the company’s dependable support team, which consists of specialists who are well-versed in their clients’ practises and services. OneTouch EHR is ONC-ATCB approved and Meaningful Use compliant.

One Touch EMR Comprehensive Patient Encounters’ key benefits include:

  1. By having all patient information at their fingertips, doctors can provide better treatment. All patient visits, prescriptions, history, physical exams, and other information is recorded in medical records. Patient records and charts may be acted upon, including ties to billing, communication, and other services.
  2. Practice Management Can Be Consolidated: Practices can manage their schedules, supplies, and patient care all in one place. With multiple-person views, a powerful calendar tool allows physicians to construct their calendars around each other. They can track the status of orders and inventories using advanced supply and prescription recording. Deep patient records are interwoven with the first two, allowing care to be synthesised and streamlined.
  3. Scalable pricing allows practices to choose which features are most essential to them and what they can pay. All basic features are included in the free plan. Higher scales enable more complex capabilities like medical voice dictation and on-site data backup, as well as expanding on existing services like e-prescribing and telemedicine video.
  4. Mobile Access: Practices can use almost any web-enabled device to access the platform. Providers can access all of their information on the move thanks to iOS applications and browser delivery.


  1. A daily perspective of the schedule, orders, labs, patient information, and more is provided through an overarching welcome page. It allows doctors to keep organised from one central location.
  2. Calendar: A calendar displays up to five providers’ schedules at once and enables scheduling changes, including appointment creation.
  3. Patient interactions are in-depth and include all necessary information to offer doctors a clear picture when making treatment decisions. Patient interactions and treatment may be outlined using customised templates for patient history, current ailment, vitals, drugs and allergies, physical examinations, and more.
  4. Providers can communicate with coworkers or patients within the application. It enables phone calls from a patient’s chart, as well as internal faxing and document transmission to both internal and external sites.
  5. The patient interaction report is accompanied by a superbill. A drop-down menu allows you to choose the service level. Superbills may be approved by the admin and then exported as a PDF or printed.
  6. Labs, prescription refills, clinical, meaningful use, and health maintenance are all included in reports. These reports may be created and exported inside the platform.
  7. Treatment Plans: It aids in the management of future lab and procedure requests. It can enrol individuals in health maintenance plans, fill medications, and place orders with third-party providers.
  8. Orders and Lab Feed: It keeps track of all orders and lab requests, including details such as prescriptions and supplies used. Providers can use search filters to properly organise their orders and requests for administrative purposes.


According to user comments at the time of this review’s publishing, One Touch EMR has the following limitations:

  • There is no Android app available.
  • Does not allow for the creation of a Medical Administration Record.


1. Although assistance might be difficult to contact at times, it is generally excellent, helpful, and kind.


I appreciate the schedule. Does come with a prescription writer, which isn’t stated anywhere and requires two halves of paper. Although receiving an email with my following day’s patient schedule the night before is convenient, I’d love to choose my own email time. Macros are useful because they work most of the time. Although not entirely obvious, it is preferable to the horror stories I’ve heard about many EMRs but one touch is emr is one of the best Orthopedic EMR. It’s decent once it’s set up, with templates that are quite configurable. The cost is affordable.


I’m a single practitioner, so I did much of the setup myself, using instructional videos and trial and error. During the setup phase, customer service was not very helpful. DO NOT USE YOUR NAME AS A DOCTOR AND AS A SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR. For the system administrator’s name, use something like Admin System. Otherwise, your notes and appointments would be filed under two distinct names. For practice, the instructional video recommends, if not demands, that you use your first and last names. admin, but it’s put up in such a way that it’s doomed. I wish I could modify the prescription writer to work with the four-part document I already have. I can’t seem to write Rx for numerous indications from the issue list in the encounter plan.

2. the least of two evils

The product itself is adequate or good, and they were formerly receptive to consumer suggestions for improvements. Support has always been an issue, and we’ve had to either give up and deal with it or come up with our own solutions.


Cloud-based works well with speech recognition and is a little more user-friendly than other EMRs.


Recently, the connection has been a major difficulty, and it appears that their server’s bandwidth is crowded. This has been sporadic for several months, and we may need to look for a different product.


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