Lung Cancer Affects More Women Than Men, But No 1 Knows Why
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Lung Cancer Affects More Women Than Men, But No 1 Knows Why



Lung Cancer Affects More Women Than Men, But No 1 Knows Why

(CTN News) – Scientists are baffled by a recent study that suggests that young and middle-aged women are contracting lung cancer at a higher rate than men, which is responsible for killing women more than breast and ovarian cancers combined.

Dr. Andrea McKee, a radiation oncologist, has stated that lung cancer is the leading cause of death for women, and has urged women to learn more about it. Based on estimates, this cancer is responsible for the death of around 164 women every day in the United States.

As the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note: “Smoking is considered to be one of the leading causes of lung cancer among women, and the number of women smoking has declined significantly over the past couple of decades as a result.”

“However, the number of women with cancer is on the rise, especially among those who have never smoked.”.

In a study published in the journal JAMA Oncology, researchers found that lung cancer diagnoses have increased 84% among women over the past 43 years while they have decreased by 36% among men.

A recent study has revealed that people who never smoked are twice as likely to get cancer as men who do not smoke.

The scientists have tried to explain, but they have not been able to come up with any concrete reasons as to why it is only attacking one gender.

As part of the legislative process, the legislature intends to establish a center that aims to increase funding and collaborations with official agencies to assess the condition of preventive services being provided to women alongside awareness campaigns aimed at raising public awareness.

It has been reported that only 15% of the budget of the National Institutes of Health is allocated to female-focused research, and lung cancer continues to be the leading killer of women worldwide.

Among the other factors that contribute to a higher risk for cancer, the American Cancer Society mentioned family history, secondhand smoke exposure, radon exposure, asbestos exposure, pollution in drinking water, and arsenic exposure.

There is a high rate of lung cancer being diagnosed late, therefore resulting in a negative outcome. In addition to that, it remains a very difficult disease to treat.

It is the researchers’ hope that studies showing the gender disparities in lung cancer will make healthcare providers aware of how this disease affects women so they can be aware of how to identify it and take action if it is detected.

It is recommended that you consult your doctor if you suffer from a cough that lasts more than six weeks, blood appearing when coughing, shortness of breath and hoarseness for a few weeks, or unexplained weight loss.


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