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Is Invisalign Right For Me?



Is Invisalign Right For Me?

Orthodontic technology continues to show remarkable advancement in the management of oral features. For example, braces are a common way of improving what one would feel is a crooked smile.

Braces in the past were often seen as a cumbersome and unattractive solution, relying on wires and brackets. However, Invisalign aligners offer a different approach with the same purpose.

If you’re curious about why Invisalign is the clear choice, let us highlight the numerous advantages they offer beyond their aesthetic appeal. In this article, we will delve into the reasons that make Invisalign braces an excellent option.

What Are Invisalign Braces?

Invisalign, coined from invisible aligners, are a set of clear teeth aligners for straightening teeth. They do not have metal braces as they are made of BPA-free plastic. They work as a covering over the teeth, moulding them in the desired alignment.

These clear braces are not fixed like the traditional braces and can be removed and put back at will. They are dental trays that appear similar to teeth guards used for sports.

Invisalign is best for individuals with mandibular problems, such as;

overcrowded teeth;




open bite;

and gaps between teeth.

It is an orthodontic solution that works for all age groups, from babies to adults. Before your dentist can recommend Invisalign technology, you will require an X-ray as part of the evaluation to determine its suitability.

Why Choose Invisalign Braces?

These discreet braces appear to be an improvement on metal braces. Those enhancements afford benefits that give them an edge over metal braces.

They are aesthetically appealing.

Sometimes people shy away from braces because they make them look awkward, but not with Invisalign. With clear aligners, it is hard for a person to notice that a patient is wearing braces unless told so.

They, therefore, offer the discretion an orthodontic patient craves, especially a self-conscious one who has been putting off treatment for that reason.

Invisalign works faster.

Invisalign takes about half the time metal braces do to straighten teeth – the news a patient wishes to hear. The orthodontist keeps curating new custom braces whenever they need adjustment, which enhances their efficiency.

As such, it can take as little as three months to fix some dental misalignments. Compared to traditional braces, Invisalign requires review after about six weeks, while traditional braces require more frequent after-visits to the dentist.

They are convenient and hygienic.

Since they are removable, they are hygienic because when taken out, the patient can clean the teeth effectively by brushing and flossing.

This is the time to clean the braces too. You can remove them occasionally to enjoy your favourite comfort foods and play some sports and instruments.

They are stress-free.

Invisalign treatment is a stress-free process that does not interfere with the patient’s day-to-day life.

Invisalign braces are comfortable.

The braces are custom-made as modelled from a 3D image of the patient’s teeth; they fit perfectly. It means the patient does not suffer the discomfort of sharp or extruding pieces or edges as it happens with metal braces.

Some people complain of pain from metal braces. This may be due to the tightening of the wires, which is part of the treatment. Invisalign braces do not require any tightening. The patient gets a new custom-made set that gently aligns the teeth.

What Doctors Advice

Despite the many advantages of Invisalign, it appears that they are not a perfect solution for all orthodontic problems, especially complex ones. They work best for minor to moderate misalignments. Invisalign also requires more discipline from the wearer.

The fact that they are removable means the patient, especially the young ones, will need supervision and discipline to wear them for the required duration of a day. Failure to do so will make the treatment unsuccessful or unduly prolonged.

Is Invisalign the Best Option?

Considering the many benefits of Invisalign, such as convenience, comfort, and hygiene, it sounds like the better choice. However, the decision should come after a review by a qualified dentist. There is little difference in pricing between them and traditional braces, but should it be time to choose, you now know which side the coin flips.

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