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Hepatitis A May Be Spread At ShopRite, Says Philadelphia’s Health Department

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Hepatitis A May Be Spread At ShopRite, Says Philadelphia's Health Department

(CTN News) – Residents of Philadelphia are warned about potential exposure to Hepatitis A by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health.

During the period from January 4 to January 21, the individual worked at the ShopRite located at 6301 Oxford Avenue.

There is a recommendation that people who handled raw beef or pork or ate undercooked beef or pork during that period receive a Hepatitis A vaccine.

As of yet, no other reports of illness have been received.

For those who may have been exposed to the recent Hepatitis A outbreak,

The health department is offering free Hepatitis vaccine on Saturday, January 27, from 8 a.m. to noon at the District Health Center #10 at 2230 Cottman Avenue.

The vaccine can also be obtained through the office of a healthcare provider or through a pharmacy.

How do you describe the symptoms?

It is known as hepatitis A when it affects the liver due to hepatitis A. Those with Hepatitis can spread the disease if they do not wash their hands thoroughly after using the bathroom and then prepare food.

For two weeks prior to having symptoms of liver infection, a person with Hepatitis virus can transmit the virus to others, and for one week following the onset of symptoms, a person can transmit the virus to others.

Approximately two to six weeks after contracting Hepatitis A, most people who are infected with this virus will begin to develop symptoms.

From mild diarrhea and vomiting to more severe symptoms of jaundice, the symptoms of the illness can vary widely from mild to severe. A fever, low energy, stomach pain, and dark urine are some of the other symptoms.


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