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Cement Could Be AstraZeneca’s Next Big Target, Given Its Favorite Status



Half of the 20 new medicines AstraZeneca expects to launch by the end of the decade will come from its biopharma division © Akesin/Dreamstime

(CTN News) – There are situations in which it may be advantageous to be the underdog. Even if AstraZeneca’s expansion ambitions were frequently derided ten years prior, the company was able to enjoy the benefit of surprise when it finally began to fulfill its commitments.

AstraZeneca is one of the most known pharmaceutical corporations in Europe. It is currently the most valuable company in the United Kingdom, with a market value that is around £200 billion.

AstraZeneca is also one of the continent’s most profitable companies.

Pascal Soriot, the company’s CEO, is fully aware of the enormous expectations that arise from this, as he has set a goal to nearly triple the company’s revenues to $80 billion by the end of the decade.

When this striking goal was presented to investors during the company’s first investor day in a decade, there wasn’t much excitement about it at first. Anticipation had a role in this, since several experts had already increased their revenue projections for 2030.

This was one of the elements that made this happen. Since then, the value of AstraZeneca’s shares has increased to previously unheard-of levels. The forward price/earnings ratio that the firm is currently trading at is 18.1 times, which is marginally higher than its average over the last ten years.

Investors have to believe AstraZeneca can make it.

It will be critical for the business to gather data from late-stage trials over the course of the next 18 months. By the end of 2025, Soriot is anticipated to get over forty readouts from phase 3 trials; most of these readouts are anticipated to be achieved in the subsequent year.

However, a comparatively tiny number of pharmaceutical businesses in Europe, according to Sheena Berry, a healthcare analyst at Quilter Cheviot, are able to utilize that type of appointment calendar.

Assuming that these tests prove to be effective, AstraZeneca believes that the income from these treatments might surpass $20 billion by 2030. Whether or not it is risk adjusted, that estimate indicates that investors will have a fairly firm idea in the next 18 months as to whether or not the growth from the projected $45.8 billion in revenues in 2023 is feasible.

Regardless of whether the estimate is risk adjusted or not, this is the case. It is significant to highlight that the $80 billion goal is a backup plan in the event that the trial results are not favorable and does not include any income contribution from possible future transactions.

Twenty new drugs that AstraZeneca intends to launch by the end of the decade are expected to come from its biopharmaceutical division fifty percent of the time.

This is something that is commonly disregarded in favor of the company’s well-known cancer division, but it is the main factor behind AstraZeneca’s current medicine success, Farxiga. Based on current forecasts, sales of the diabetes treatment reached around $6 billion in 2023.

Among other drugs, AstraZeneca intends to combine Farxiga with others.

As an example, those designed to preserve kidney function in patients with chronic renal disease in order to prevent a sharp decline in revenue. The rationale behind this is that in 2026, Farxiga’s patent protections will begin to lapse.

In addition, there are other risks. Farxiga took part in the first round of negotiations about the price of medications in the United States. As Soriot is well aware, the process of creating new medications does not come with any guarantees.

Research and development at AstraZeneca receives a sizable portion of its yearly revenue—a fifth of the total—which goes toward funding this division.

An examination of the pipeline’s potential has been carried out by a Soriot team using industry average success rates. It is higher than these readings right now. The business finds comfort in the knowledge that AstraZeneca can achieve the most recent significant revenue goal.


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