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CBD Gummies for Kids: Which Product Work Best?



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CBD gummies are gummies that are infused with standard and fixed doses of Hemp CBD for every piece. CBD gummies are especially popular with parents who are looking for more convenient options of getting their fussy kids to take health supplements.

Since they’re mostly manufactured with kids in mind, gummies are among the safest CBD products. Even adults can enjoy these finger-licking gummies without ever worrying about overdose.

As you probably already know, CBD comes with a host of health benefits. And since CBD use presents close to no side effects, CBD gummies are safer for your kids compared to conventional analgesic medications.

However, always remember to look up the laws surrounding edibles for kids. It may not always be legal to buy edibles online for underage users. Different cannabis laws will apply based on the country you live in.

Top CBD Gummies Brands for Kids


1.   Koi CBD Gummies

Koi CBD gummies are characterized by their yummy taste and feature the company’s trademark Koi coin design, making them great to eat. Bags contain a maximum of 20 CBD gummies, with each gummy boasting 10 mg of cannabidiol. Koi CBD Gummies also come with an assortment of artificial flavors and colors.

2.   CBDfx Hemp Gummies

CBDfx Hemp Gummies feature organically-cultivated hemp with a touch of natural cane sugar and delectable berry candy flavor. Every bottle boasts 60 full-spectrum CBD gummies, with each gummy packing 5 mg of CBD. Like many other reputable CBD gummy brands out there, CBDfx Hemp Gummies doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners or corn syrup. The company, through its website,, offers its clients a wide range of CBD gummies at flexible prices that suit consumers of different budgets.

3.   Pure Relief Cannabidiol Gummy Bears

CBD gummies by Pure Relief are excellent for parents who’re looking for exceptionally large doses of CBD per piece. Each Pure Relief gummy bear contains 30 mg CBD, and a bag features 30 gummies. The brand categorizes their gummies as either day or night blends. The day blends are regular gummy bears while the night blends are infused with traces of melatonin to help kids suffering from insomnia.

4.   HempBombs CBD Gummies

HempBombs is one of the earliest retailers of CBD gummies, and that vast experience reflects in the quality of their products. Gummies by HempBombs come in a three-part line, namely, Original, High-Potency, and Sleep Gummies. Each gummy contains melatonin, 1-theanine, and passiflora. HempBombs gummies are derived from broad-spectrum hemp extracts and are made with artificial and natural flavors. They come in between 15 and 25 mg of CBD dosages. The CBD used in these gummies are procured from reputed industrial hemp farms.So one need not worry about quality.

5.   Purekana CBD Gummies

If vegan gummies are your kind of thing, then you may consider Purekana CBD Gummies. Besides their vegan-friendly ingredients, these naturally-flavored delicious tasting gummies boast 25 mg CBD isolate. However, the company recommends a serving dosage of 50 mg, which implies that the ideal dose is two PureKana CBD gummies for every kid.

6.   Sunday Scaries

Don’t let the name scare you away as there’s nothing spooky about Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies. The name implies that CBD gummies by this brand are perfect for those grappling with anxieties due to their unpreparedness for the week ahead. These products pack real cane sugar as well as other natural and artificial sweeteners. Each Sunday Scaries CBD gummy comes in 10 mg of full-spectrum hemp extracts. Also, the gummies feature added Vitamins B12 and D3 for compounded health and nutritional effects. Results kick in from 5 – 7 days of use.

7.   JustCBD Gummy Bears

JustCBD gummies pack sugar-free products in serving sizes of two gummy bears that deliver 10 mg of CBD per piece. These gummies are spray-coated and not CBD-infused. Besides, they contain some artificial colors, which may be a turnoff for most parents. And while JustCBD Gummy Bears are available in a broad range of strengths, you might consider their 500 mg that comes with 50 gummy bears for prolonged use.

 How to Shop For the Right CBD Gummies

online gummies

If you understand how to shop for CBD products, then you’re already a step ahead in terms of shopping for the right CBD gummies for your kids.

The following are the essential factors to consider before buying CBD gummies for children.

1.   The Ingredients Used

At the very least, insist on gummies that feature all-natural ingredients, without any artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

2.   Concentration of CBD

When buying CBD gummies depending on the level of CBD in the product, you should consider the weight with a weight gain calculator and also the tolerance of your child, as well as the severity of their condition. Your best bet is to go for lower concentrations of CBD per serving, such as 10 to 30mg and offer them to your kid as regularly as required.

3.   The Method of Sourcing

CBD is derived from either marijuana or hemp. Marijuana-derived CBD contains significant levels of the psychoactive THC, while hemp-derived CBD tends to be THC-free.

Why Should You Consider CBD Gummies For Your Little Ones?

CBD Gummies for Kids

1.   Pack a Host of Benefits

CBD gummies are commonly flavored using natural ingredients, with no flavor enhancers or artificial sweeteners.

Apart from their delectable flavors and analgesic properties, most CBD gummies also feature vitamin C and magnesium. Vitamin C is famous for its wholesome immune-boosting effects. The vitamin packs powerful antioxidants that will help your kids keep various infections at bay.

2.   Doses Are Fixed

When it comes to CBD, there is practically no such thing as an overdose. Users only have to start small, gradually increasing their portions until they establish their optimal dose. However, the bodies of kids are quite sensitive to unfamiliar substances, and excess levels of CBD may prove counteractive. Fortunately, CBD comes with fixed doses for every piece.

Unlike oils and tinctures, you don’t have to measure each dose you consume. Gummies come in concentrations from 10mg of CBD per piece. Once you have established the amount your kid requires, you simply purchase gummies that contain the appropriate CBD levels.

3.   Flexibility in Use

There are numerous ways to administer CBD, including subcutaneous injections, sublingually via tinctures, vaping, oils, as well as pills and tablets. However, none of these comes with the same convenience and flexibility as CBD gummies.

You can seamlessly offer CBD gummies to your children without disrupting their daily routines. Gummies are also easier to carry, store, and safer than other methods like subcutaneous injections and vaping.


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