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Breast Cancer Researchers Reveal New Treatment



Breast Cancer Researchers Reveal New Treatment

(CTN News) – The discovery of a new cure for breast cancer has been revealed after researchers discovered an innovative way to treat the disease.

While this study was funded in part by Breast Cancer Now, its focus was on finding a new strategy to deal with this disease that is responsible for the death of 42,000 women each year in the US as a result of this disease.

With this book, you will be able to uncover the reasons behind secondary breast cancer, which is a cancer that has spread to other parts of the body and is incurable to this day as a result of it spreading elsewhere.

PDGF-C is a protein that plays a number of roles in the body

It has been discovered that a protein found in the cells of the cancer cells has a unique role in “waking” them from their sleep. The team of researchers at the Institute of Cancer Research, London, has identified this protein.

Due to the increase in the levels of PDGF-C Protein in adipose tissues as a consequence of aging, the cells of the secondary breast cancer eventually “reawaken” when the PDGF-C Protein levels increase.

Inhibiting the activity of PDGF-C by blocking its receptors

A further investigation was then conducted to determine if blocking the activity of the PDGF-C protein would reduce the re-emergence of secondary cancer cells as a result of blocking PDGF-C activity.

In an experiment with mice, the researchers were able to detect a great reduction in tumor growth by using an anticancer growth agent called imatinib in the treatment of cancer.

The study is regarded by Professor Clare Isacke as an incredible advance toward understanding breast cancer cells that form secondary tumors in the lungs as a result of chemotherapy.


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